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About Puerto Vallarta
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Puerto Vallarta

About Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is located on the pacific coast of Mexico. Vallarta has lot of geographic benefits. It is at the center of one of the world's largest bays - the "Bahia de Banderas", or "Bay of Flags". The giant horseshoe shaped Bay has over 40 miles of coast along its circumference and measures about 20 miles from land's center to the Open Ocean and about 25 miles across, with depths of up to 10,000 feet. From December to April of each year, humpback whales come to visit and give birth in the Bay during the winter months. This also means that Puerto Vallarta residents and visitors are treated to most spectacular and colorful sunsets as the sun follows its nightly westerly dip into the Bay.

There are only two seasons: the dry season, October to May and the rainy season Mid-June to Mid-October). Air and ocean temperatures are usually cooler in the winter season, and are much warmer during the summer months. Even during the rainy season the temperature remains warm. And don't worry about hurricanes. Puerto Vallarta is known as a "hurricane hole", a place where the big winds seldom blow because of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range that surrounds the bay. The open end of the Bay faces west. This makes it a natural barrier against hurricanes of the Pacific Ocean. Puerto Vallarta offers the most stable water and weather conditions of the entire Pacific seaboard.

Puerto Vallarta is a destination for the whole family. You can enjoy over 30 different activities for the family: snorkeling, horse back riding, jet skiing, parasailing, jungle tour, jeep safari, Golfing, lots of shopping and restaurants, dolphin adventures, historic tours, dune buggy ride, ATV's, water slides, kids club, sun bathing, sailing, deep sea fishing, Eco-tours, whale watching and turtle release (in season), etc...

Geographic location
Puerto Vallarta, also called the Mexican Riviera, is located at the Pacific center side of Mexico. Vallarta is at the center of one of the world's largest bays - the "Bahia de Banderas", or "Bay of Flags". The giant horseshoe shaped Bay has over 40 miles of coast along its circumference and measures about 20 miles from land's center to the Open Ocean and about 25 miles across, with depths of up to 10,000 feet. They say that paradise is a state of mind. When all of the ingredients are of the highest quality, it can also be the place.

Puerto Vallarta covers more than 1,200 square kilometers, and has a population of more than 300,000 local residents. The city has modern conveniences and a modern infrastructure that has somehow managed to maintain its unique Old Mexican charm. In many areas of Puerto Vallarta you will feel like you are taking a step back in time. Because Puerto Vallarta lies on the Bahia Banderas, the second largest natural bay in North America, it is a haven for anyone who enjoys any type of beach activity.

Puerto Vallarta is one of the friendliest and most diverse beach destinations in the world. Once a tiny fishing village, Puerto Vallarta is now a world class resort that has retained all of the quaint charms of the original village yet embodies all of the characteristics you've come to expect in a modern resort. English is widely spoken, especially in the downtown area.

A modern marina and cruise ship port attract visitors on ships and yachts from all over the world. The city's clean, friendly atmosphere, unique Old Mexico ambiance and incredibly diverse shopping possibilities attract International and Mexican tourists. These unique attractions lure many of these visitors to return over and over again. Many of these tourists end up becoming full time residents or retiring in Puerto Vallarta.

With distinct different beach zones and more than forty individual beaches mark Puerto Vallarta as one of the favorite destinations for the true beach lover. The first zone is north of Puerto Vallarta. Playa de Oro and the Marina district are here. The Playa de Oro is a wide, sandy beach with a few rocky areas interspersed. It is also very popular with guests and locals alike. Even further north, the beaches of Banderas Bay are pristine and quiet as they reach up toward Punta de Mita. If you're into surfing, these northern beaches, which are subject to strong surf, perfect for catching a wave. The best windsurfing also takes place in this area.

Puerto Vallarta's most popular beach, Playa de los Muertos, is located just south of the Malecon and the River Cuale. This beach is surrounded by the neighborhood of Olas Altas (Old Town or Zona Romantica), with it is indescribable variety of restaurants and shops. It is lined with beachfront hotels, restaurants, sun worshipers by day, dining and nightlife crowd after dark. The beachfront bars and restaurants in this area are a great place to catch one of the incredible Vallarta sunsets.

South of town, you'll find numerous small coves and beaches. Playa de Mismaloya is a quiet, fairly remote cove, a great place to relax on the beach for a day. Boca de Tomatlan, the last beach that is accessible by road is more primitive with several small seafood restaurants and taco stands. It is a great swimming beach, very quite and peaceful. You can hire a local Panga to take you to Yepala, Las Animas or Quimixto.

Destiladeras, Punta Mita are two of the more enjoyable beaches in the northern area. Snorkeling and also wind surfing (under the right conditions) are also great at the Las Marietas Islands , which have been preserved by the Mexican government as a bird sanctuary. These islands are accessible by boat which can be rented at the most northern beach.

Climate and WeatherThere are only two seasons: the dry season, November to May and the rainy season Mid-June to Mid-October). Air and ocean temperatures are usually cooler in the winter season, and are much warmer during the summer months. Even during the rainy season the temperature remains warm. And don't worry about hurricanes. Puerto Vallarta is known as a "hurricane hole", a place where the big winds seldom blow because of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range that surrounds the bay. Puerto Vallarta is situated on the same latitude as Hawaii and enjoys a similar sunny and tropical climate.

Vallarta enjoys one of the most reliable temperate winters in the world. With over 300 days of sunshine, daytime temperatures range between 80-85 degree and dip down at night to between 70-75 degrees. The sky is bright and sunny every day, and the breeze is gentle. Generally, the rainy season begins about mid-June and carries through to about mid-October. However, it may rain every second day and doesn't usually start until late in the afternoon for a couple of hours and this leaves most of the day clear for activities. Some folks even prefer those months, delighting in the electrical storms that produce an orchestra of lightning that dances throughout the sky. Then, it's back to those glorious sunsets that attract "visitors" to every rooftop across the town. The most humid days are from mid-August to mid-October.

Puerto Vallarta offers amenities and attractions not readily available in any other part of Mexico. The depth and calmness of the Bay afford the perfect location for some of the best snorkeling and fishing in the world. In addition, from December to April of each year, the bay is full of dolphins, sea turtles, giant manta rays with "wingspans" ranging from 16 to 30 feet, gray and humpback whales that come to visit the Bay during the winter months. The open end of the Bay faces west. This makes it a natural barrier against hurricanes of the Pacific Ocean. This also means that Puerto Vallarta residents and visitors are treated to most spectacular and colorful sunsets as the sun follows its nightly westerly dip into the Bay.

Many people do not realize that it is situated on the same latitude as Hawaii and 300 hundred days of sun per year is what the city of Puerto Vallarta enjoys as a similar warm, sunny and tropical climate. The "Green Flash" phenomenon that only occurs in a few places in the world has been acclaimed here by hundreds of folks. This phenomenal occurrence requires a series of natural events to take place. The currents must be flowing in the right direction to carry the large phosphorous deposits to their path in front of the setting sun, coupled with certain temperatures of both air and water, the right air particle density, with a lot of luck thrown in, you could have a very memorable sight ever etched in your mind "the Mythical belief of the green flash".

Puerto Vallarta is a food lovers paradise!!! This wonderful city has more quality restaurants than any other resort in Mexico. It would take a very long time for someone to eat at all the restaurants. Watching people from the terrace on the Malecon. Here in Puerto Vallarta we have restaurants that will serve everything. Restaurants have diversified widely and offer Greek, Oriental, Italian, French, Spanish cuisine or just roasted chicken takeout. There is everything from tacos to beef Wellington, escargot to hamburgers, and everything in between. Great restaurants are everywhere, you may have to watch your eating habits, while on vacation. You could easily have a true gourmet meal every time you eat in Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta's great night life scene starts late and goes until the roosters are getting ready for their first siesta. But there is also plenty of entertainment for those of you who like to be in bed at a decent hour. Many of Puerto Vallarta's restaurants feature live music and there are often unscheduled, impromptu performances along the Malecon on any given night. There are public concerts at the main square on Thursdays and Sundays, just before sunset. Since these performances end early, you will probably want to stroll along the Malecon and partake in some great people watching. This is a regular part of Vallarta culture and one that should not be missed.

Rentals or purchase
Puerto Vallarta's Villas are in high demand. Puerto Vallarta, with its traditional Mexican architecture and gold-sand beaches bordered by jungle-covered mountains, is one of the loveliest spots on the globe. Puerto Vallarta Mexico is one of the most sought after destination in Mexico. Offering an extremely wide variety of attractions and activity options, Puerto Vallarta has something unique for everyone. Villas, Condos, Apartments, Studios> Weekly, Monthly or Yearly we can help you.

Marina Vallarta
Ships and yachts from all over the world are attracted to Puerto Vallarta's modern and beautiful marina. The city's friendly, clean atmosphere, unique Old Mexico feel and incredibly vast shopping possibilities attract International and Mexican tourists. Puerto Vallarta visitors return over and over again because of the cities ambiance and lure. Many of these visitors end up as residents of Puerto Vallarta when they retire.

Unique to Mexico, and perhaps the world, is the Bay of Banderas, Immediately upon arrival, you will be amazed at the array of activity choices. Organized Tours are available, or you may want to rent a jeep and explore for yourself. You'll quickly realize that our definition of paradise can be yours as well. From bungee jumping, jet ski, sea kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving, deep sea fishing, golfing, all inclusive boat tours, jeep safaris, whale watching, Mexican Fiesta only to name a few that are available. There are many cultural events, exhibits, exciting day trips to the jungle, relaxing days at the beach and countless romantic hideaways. Puerto Vallarta has an extremely wide variety of attractions and entertainment options. It has something special for everyone, regardless of your personal preferences. There are many cultural events and exhibits, exciting day trips to the jungle, relaxing days at the beach and countless romantic hideaways. Numerous activities, both on and off the water that will keep you entertained. Night life abounds with many popular night clubs and an array of quality restaurants to please even the most discriminating palette. Puerto Vallarta is yours to savor and is, without a doubt, one of the friendliest and cleanest beach resorts in all of Mexico. But first we will give you some tourist advice for you to enjoy the most of your vacation

Drinking water
Of two cities in Mexico, our water authority has received for the forth year in a row, certification that Puerto Vallarta's water is clean for human consumption but its distribution system is questionable. Most hotels have secondary purification systems and supply you with purified bottled water in your room. Local or imported purified water is found in all convenient stores. The water and ice in local bars and restaurants is pure and safe to drink.

Your personal safety (Tourist Police)
You will see the ever presence of policemen dressed in white and white hat, the are the tourist police, they are usually bilingual and there to help you with any information or conflict you may encounter.

Taxi fares
Taxi fares are set by the local union. Prices from your hotel to any destination should be posted at your hotel lobby. Confirm the price to your destination before you enter the cab. If you think that you where over charged, take his taxi number and report him immediately on arrival at your hotel's bellboy or customer service.

Bus fares and routes
Buses are a very economical way to get around town. The current fare is 4 pesos and covers its entire circuit witch is posted in the front of the bus. There is no real itinerary or map, but you can ask your concierge for advice and supply you with a free city map that will guide you on the different areas. If you ever make a mistake, enjoy the ride, you may just stay on or take off, discover a new area of interest and visit some real Mexican part of town. No matter which route you go, they all eventually end up in "Centro".

Health services
Several modern hospitals are located in Puerto Vallarta, with the two principal ones on the Southside being CMQ and Medasist. Both have many bilingual doctors on staff, and accept U.S.-issued health insurance. In November 1996 Amerimed Trauma Center opened in Marina Vallarta on the northside offering US trained paramedic personnel in their ambulances in addition to US medical staff on duty with twenty-four hour notice. In late 2000 the San Javier Hospital from Guadalajara opened its beautiful and very well equipped medical and hospital facility closer to town. This facility can compete with the best there is to offer in medicine. Medical air evacuation services are available to large medical centers in Guadalajara, Mexico City or the United States

In case of emergency, if you require medical assistance, several hospitals offer bilingual services with North American standards.
Hospitals like: AMERI+MED, San Javier, Medasis, The Red Cross, CMQ diagnostic medical center, all offer 24 hour urgent and emergency care and they accept most medical insurance programs for emergency services
* Ameri-med Tel 221-0023
* Medasist Telephone: 223-0444.
* CMQ Telephone: 222-3572,
* Red Cross Telephone 222-1533)
Some more health advises during your stay. If you are a condominium or time share owner and doing your own cooking make sure you microdine any thing that you will not peel or cook. Use sunglasses, hats and sunscreen (and don't forget the top arches of your feet when applying your sunscreen). Drink plenty of bottled water. It is very easy to become dehydrated while vacationing. If you're drinking and sun bathing it is recommended that you eat at least one banana a day to replenish the potassium that you are losing.

Money exchange
If you have a bankcard that has "Interact", "Plus", "RED" or "Cirrus" support, you can use your own bankcard to withdraw money from an ATM machine or "Cajero automatico" directly from your personal account in pesos. ATM's are found about everywhere with bilingual instruction. Some bankcards require a 4 or 5 pin code. If your card does not work with this machine try it with one of another Bank .The next best way is at the Bank money exchange teller. You will also find some American and Canadian Bank affiliates. "Caja de cambio" or exchange boots are also found everywhere but their rates may vary a lot. Usually your hotel offers you the poorest of all rates. American and Canadian money is well accepted almost everywhere. Just make sure you get a proper rate of exchange. If paying in U.S or Canadian dollars ask for the exchange rate before you order or buy, to get your business some stores and restaurants offers a better exchange rate than the banks.

Driving rules and regulations
Motor vehicle and swimming accidents are a leading cause of injury to travelers, so please be careful when you walk the avenues of Mexican tourist Cities. Road conditions and traffic regulation may take some time to get used to, very few street corners have stop signs and it is hard to determine whom as priority. Remember to drive defensively and always wear seatbelts. Infants should never be in the front seat... Please remember, "do not drink and drive"

phones cost, mail services, Internet.
There are different ways for you to communicate home. First by phone, you should ask what your hotel charges for long distance calls. You can also buy local or international pre-paid calling cards of different values, which should be your most economical option. Fone World long distance telephone service to the United States and Canada costs $0.85 per minute with no service charges or hidden tricks and can be used from public phones.If you desire to send some post cards, usually you only have to give them to your front desk with the necessary stamp value. The ever growing and most popular economical way to communicate is the INTERNET. You will find an ever-growing quantity of Internet Café services almost everywhere. The rates for Internet can vary greatly, from a low 15 pesos to 50 pesos an hour, may even be free in some hotel customer service or at a very reasonable price.

ConsulatesCanadians and Americans. Whom encounters a problem, such as losing their travel documents, can contact their consulate in PV. Visitors from other countries can contact their coutry's" embassy in Mexico City. When you entered Mexico, you filled out a card that an official took from you, he or she kept one copy and returned the other copy to you. When you leave Mexico, you must turn in your copy of that tourist card. Without the card, you might have trouble at the airport when you try to leave the country. If you drove into Mexico, you will not be allowed to leave without your tourist card. If you lose your card, go to the Mexican Immigration Office at the Marina Terminal Port, where the cruise ships dock. They will replace the card, but you will need proof of how and when you entered Mexico (a plane ticket will do). You will also need to produce some identification - your passport or birth certificate or a voter registration card.

Buyer bewareBuyers beware! An old expression but very true. In general, most things in Mexico cost about a third less of what they would cost in North America and Europe. However, there are some exceptions to that generalization. It's a shopper paradise with traditional market stalls as well as designer boutiques, fine art galleries, indigenous arts, leather craft, ceramic murals, glass, wood and bronze sculptures, original paintings, t-shirts, and thousands more original souvenirs from every corner of Mexico. You may get your best deal from beach vendors, but again, do your price comparison. Much of the art available is made by local Indians who have been using the same methods for centuries. In some smaller shops around Vallarta, for example, the Municipal Flea Market in Centro, prices are not set -- you need to barter and bargain. It's expected, and it can be a lot of fun! Don't try it in the more up-scale stores -- their prices are set and they won't budge!

Time ShareIf you are confronted by a street vendor to sell you tour tickets at a discount price, he will get you to participate at a time share presentation. Unless you are ready to waste a couple or more hours of your precious vacation time, consider the value and be aware that it will take considerable time off your vacation. By Mexican law, you have 5 days to cancel any contract, what ever your contract or that person may say.

Puerto Vallarta's Foreign Community

A large community of foreign, seasonal and full-time residents enjoy life in Puerto Vallarta, including Americans, Canadians and Europeans. The immigration department in Puerto Vallarta has residents registered from 95 different countries located here. Puerto Vallarta is also home to the film industry and more and more international artists are finding inspiration from Puerto Vallarta's beauty. Why do people from all over the World choose to reside in Puerto Vallarta? The answers are as varied as the residents, but the following are generally underlying reasons for choosing to buy property and reside in Puerto Vallarta:

• The spectacular beauty of the Bay of Banderas
• The climate
• The wide variety of leisure activities - golf, tennis, fishing, boating, scuba-diving, biking, hiking and theater
• The cost of living is far less than in the U.S. or elsewhere
• The cost of the same housing elsewhere is far greater
• Safety and security, City facilities and services
• An active cohesive foreign resident community
• High quality healthcare
• Low crime rate


In addition to several Catholic churches, there are also weekly English-speaking services at the New Sunrise Christian Center, the Jehovah's Witness church, the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, the First Baptist Church, Baha'i Faith among others.

Bringing your car into Mexico

There are restrictions on bringing and keeping foreign cars in Mexico, but it is helpful to understand from the outset that these are merely designed to protect the Mexican automobile industry against competition from illegally imported cars. Holders of the FMT and FM3 immigration status are allowed to drive foreign-plated vehicles in Mexico. Customs law basically states that foreigners may keep their cars in Mexico for the length of time of their visas. To be able to verify this, visas should be carried in the car at all times. Most US, European and Japanese brand-name cars are now available in Mexico.

Business Opportunities

Puerto Vallarta welcomes foreign investment, and offers countless opportunities for new business opportunities. A recent law change now allows foreigners to own 100% of a Mexican corporation. Bilingual legal, accounting and business consulting expertise is available in Puerto Vallarta. For several years now, Coldwell Banker La Costa has been involved in creating small to mid-sized real estate investment trusts which are dedicated to taking advantage of the many real estate opportunities which we encounter be it the simple construction of a single family residence to the development of a 60 unit condominium complex. These trusts are structured in a way that essentially mirrors similar trusts as they exist in the US and Canada but on a smaller scale. Such investments are not without some risk and delays however they do generate excellent returns of between 20% to 45% annually. Should you wish to express your interest in these vehicles simply email us and we will include you in our next offering.

Important Phone Numbers
Gustavo Díaz Ordáz (International Airport): 221-1325
Aeroméxico: 221-1204 / 224-2777
Aerotrón: 221-1921
Air Canada: 01-800-719-2827
Alaska Airlines: 01-800-426-0333 / 221-1350
American Airlines: 01-800-362-7000 / 221-1799
America West: 01-800-235-9292 / 221-1333
Continental: 01-800-900-5000 / 221-1025
Delta Airlines: 01-800-902-2100 / 221-1032 / 221-1919
Mexicana: 221-1040 / 224-8900
Sky Service: 226-1093

Canadian: 293-0098 / 223-0099 / after hours 01-800-706-2900
United States: 222-0069/223-0074/after hours 01 (33) 3826-5553

American Express: 223-3939 / 223-2955 / 01-800-504-0400

Consumer Affairs (PROFECO): 225-0000 / 225-0018
Electricity Company: 071
Fire Department: 225-0000 / 225-0018
Immigration: 224-7701
Motor Vehicle Department: 224-8484
Municipal Services: 223-2500
National Telegraph: 224-7970 / 222-0242
Police: 060 / 221-2586 / 221-2587 / 221-2588
Red Cross: 222-1533 / 222-4973
Tourist Protection: 223-2500
Water/Sewer Co. (SEAPAL): 223-1516

Ameri-Med Hospital: 221-0023 / 221-0024
CMQ Hospital: 223-1353 / 223-1919
IMSS Hospital: 224-3838
Medassist Hospital: 223-0444
Regional Hospital: 224-4000
San Javier Hospital: 226-1010
Life Support Ambulance: 223-0090 / 223-0092
MG Ambulance: 225-0386

PHARMACIES 24 hrs. w/delivery
CMQ : 222-2941
Farmacia Guadalajara: 222-0101

The Costa Vallarta Area

PUERTO VALLARTA REGION, the area that comprises Puerto Vallarta proper, begins at Marina Vallarta near the international airport and continues through the Hotel Zone that stretches from the marina to the downtown area. Downtown is divided into two areas, north and south, and then follows the coast south through the neighborhoods of Altavista, Amapas and Conchas Chinas, as far as the Camino Real Hotel.

Marina Vallarta is home to Mexico's largest and most sophisticated marina complex, this 500-slip marina is bordered by several condominium projects with a malecon full of shops, art galleries and restaurants, including the El Faro lighthouse bar. It has an 18-hole golf course, water park, and several 5-star hotels. It is one of the biggest communities in Vallarta with beach, golf course and marina homes and condominiums. Popular rentals are condominiums in the marina or on the beach.

Hotel Zone, the area from Marina Vallarta to El Centro, is known as the Hotel Zone. This is where the major concentration of hotels and resorts are located-huge towering buildings with all the amenities set in a tropical paradise. All located on the beach with restaurants, shops, nightclubs and shopping centers within easy walking distance. Beachfront condominiums for rent are most popular.

Downtown North is the heart of Vallarta, where the Malecon can be found welcoming visitors into the center of town. There are historic buildings, beautiful cathedrals, shops, galleries, beaches, and restaurants galore. Here one can find the famous cobblestone streets that wind there way through the oldest part of town. Wonderful classic Vallarta homes are available to rent, as well as apartments and condos.

Downtown South is also known as the Romantic Zone, Los Muertos Beach or Colonia Emiliano Zapata. The main streets, Olas Altas and Basilio Badillo, offer cozy restaurants and bars, trendy boutiques and abundant nightlife. On the beach itself are some of Vallarta's finest restaurants and nightlife here is abundant. From beach clubs to martini bars, most are open nearly all night. Beachfront condominiums and B&Bs set right on the beach are available to rent.

Conchas Chinas, an upscale neighborhood, is the most prestigious and popular residential area of town. It is also known as "the Beverly Hills of Vallarta." In Upper Conchas Chinas, along steep winding roads, are sprawling villas in the $2-3 million price range built into the jungle side with fabulous views that overlook the city and the Banderas Bay. Below, in Lower Conchas Chinas are some of the grandest older homes on the shoreline of Puerto Vallarta. Luxurious homes and condos for rent.

South Shore Region, the area where the Sierra Madre Mountains meet the shores of the Banderas Bay, starts just after the Camino Real Hotel and continues all the way to Yelapa. It is an area full of coves, small bays, rivers, and secluded, remote beaches accessible only by boat. Here the jungle creeps to the beach, making it a perfect tropical setting. John Huston, chose Mismaloya to film the famous "Night of the Iguana," the set of which is now a landmark restaurant.

Mismaloya is the small bayside village where in 1963 Hollywood director, John Huston chose to make the movie "Night of the Iguana," which changed the history of Puerto Vallarta forever. It is still a quaint beach location where the Mismaloya River meets the sea. One of the most popular beaches on Banderas Bay, it offers sea kayaking, jet ski rentals, parasailing, and panga launches, and of course a wide selection of beachside restaurants.

COSTA VALLARTA NORTH REGION, the area that comprises the coastline from Cabo Corientes, is the southern point of Banderas Bay, all the way to Guayabitos in the north. The Costa Vallarta North Region stretches from Punta Mita to Guayabitos, or the complete northern coastline outside the Bay of Banderas. This coastline is mostly undeveloped with a few small communities such as Sayulita and San Pancho being the most popular.

NORTH SHORE REGION, the area that extends from Nuevo Vallarta to Punta Mita, is known for beautiful surf, craggy coves, remote villages and small pueblos. Life goes at a slower pace here, much like the Mexico of old. It has an arid climate and features mango, banana and papaya groves. Yet, amongst this entire quiet splendor, is progress. Set into the hills and beach of Punta de Mita is the new Four-Season Resort and golf community, boasting a private Jack Nicholas course with an optional island hole.

Nuevo Vallarta is a planned residential-resort community 15 minutes north of the airport, the project was begun by the federal government more than 10 years ago. Today, it is home to luxury villas and estates with lush tropical gardens that line the winding canals, each with its own private docking pier. The area also offers new deluxe resort amenities on more than three miles of beach. There are two marinas, the more modern Paradise Village marina, and the older Nuevo Vallarta marina.

Bucerias, located 12 miles north of the airport, Bucerias is popular with Canadian and North American visitors Bucerias, or "Place of the Divers," enjoys a 5-mile stretch of white sand beaches that is the longest along the entire coastline of Banderas Bay. This beautiful beach comes alive on Sundays when locals bring their families for a day at the shore. Its long shallow shoreline is perfect for body surfing, boogie boarding, surfing and shell collecting. Popular rentals for beachfront homes.

La Cruz de Huanacaxtle is a tranquil town north of Puerto Vallarta settled in the 1930s by the Chavez family who built a working ranch north of Banderas Bay.This is where the beautiful and peaceful La Manzanilla beach is located. Here swimmers can safely play in the shallow surf that reaches 100 feet into the sea. There are a number of small real estate developments offering both villa, condominium and bed & breakfast accommodations.

Punta Mita is located at the northern tip of Banderas Bay, 26 miles from Puerto Vallarta on the Punta Mita Highway. This once-remote beachside fishing village is now home of the a major real estate development with an 18-hole Nicklaus golf course and a Four Seasons Resort. The beach here are quite spectacular, however the terrain can be quite dry. It is quite a contrast to the other side of the bay which is rich in green hillside jungle. Next to Punta Mita is the beach community of El Anclote, which offers reasonable rentals in oceanfront condominiums and a few homes.

Sayulita is a very popular little town 22 miles north (35km) of Puerto Vallarta. Sayulita is located in a cozy cove where the jungle meets the sea at the extreme tip of the North Shores.It is a Mexican town defined. Untouched by time and technology, there is a feel of "manaña" here, no need to rush.The clean waters offer the best in beach fun and there are plenty of homey palapa restaurants to feed the body and soul. San Francisco (San Pancho) is a sleepy little town 31 miles (49 km) north of Puerto Vallarta known for its "big, gnarly waves, dude," purported by some surfers to be the best on the west coast of Mexico.The beach is big and open, and receives southwest to northwest swells. San Francisco (San Pancho) is also known for its untamed natural beauty and is a favorite among naturalists. This great North Shore destination is easily reached by Rent-a-car or bus tours.

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