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Special Events

First things first: We are not event planners but we will recommend you one that will fit your event size and expectations. We work with different event planners and Destination Management Companies but we are not associated to any one in particular.

We cover events of all types: incentive groups, campaign launch, seminars, conventions, activities coverage, promotional for the next incentive promotion and many more. The purpose of this section is to give you some information that can help you select the right event planner.

Generally speaking, in a resort destination, special events occur for the following purposes: Weddings, Incentive Groups and Conventions. This can be an exhaustive task especially when you do not know very well the destination, hotels, services, activities and more over the event planner.

The event planners may handle any or all
of the following tasks related to that event

Conducting research
Creating an event design
Finding a site
Convention Hall Rental
Photography & Videography
Audio-Visual aid
Graphics & Banners
Arranging for food, decor and entertainment
Planning transportation to and from the event
Arranging any necessary accommodations for attendees
Verifying the arrival and receiving of all the guests
Give you suggestion based on their experience with different Hotels, Villas, services and other providers.
Coordinating the activities of event personnel
Supervising at the site
Conducting evaluations of the event

Events by nature are big! It is a massive undertaking that require, sometimes hundreds of hours of careful planning and preparation. The task is daunting to say the least. If you try to do it yourself, sure you may succeed in pulling it off, but and most likely (by purely lack of experience), you'll leave those all too important stones unturned. Those little details you just didn't know were so important! Event Planners are the best professionals in the business who really know what they're doing when it comes to planning out every tiny detail. The Project Coordinator come out on-site to manage the event, and is highly experienced in event planning.

Choosing the Right Event Coordinator

Some events are penciled-in on a calendar; an hour or two of a day. But other events require months of planning, organizing, phone calls and a mere army of hands and legs willing to carry out the final details. Those events, sometimes billing a few thousand dollars, require an expert in the area of planning for disaster-prevention and event coordination.

An Event Planner will create the drama and aura of an event down to every last detail. Party favors, music, decorations, seating arrangements, games, toasts, award ceremonies. Many event planners in Puerto Vallarta have the experience and knowledge to help guide you in the decision making process for all of your events needs. From beginning to end, they will be there to help you plan and execute every moment of your affair.

Indoors or outdoors, event planners are usually highly dependable, extremely creative individuals who understand how to stretch a dollar or go all-out with no holds-barred. And they can handle anything from a wedding to an elegant corporate event.

For instance, sunny Puerto Vallarta creates lots of opportunities for beach-oriented events and outdoor extravaganzas. Caterers may end up meeting similar kinds of challenges. An outdoor barbecue may become an indoor sit-down dinner due to inclement weather. But choosing a caterer and a location that can deal with quick changes is the key to success.

If an event is to go on for several hours, entertainment will be crucial. A live band may keep party-goers both entertained and dancing the night away. At a corporate event that involved many executives and their spouses who were teenagers in the 70s, the band – which sings cover songs from the disco age – set the tone for the entire party.

Experienced event planners knows how to take your wedding, convention, product launch or milestone celebration the lasting impression of success a company wants in order to keep employees motivated.

Consider a corporate event planner for your next event. They can oversee the details that are typically overlooked by the untrained eye.  Their involvement can help you save money and reduce your stress. Corporate entertaining can be a daunting task. With tight schedules, bottom lines, and a variety of different personal tastes, dealing with organizing your company’s events can be a logistical nightmare. Training seminars can be invigorated by the addition of participatory activities, in a fun way. A series of exciting event after a week of long conference meetings can make you look like the right Company to work for. So, it will give you the results you are looking for at the end of it all.

How do you get started with the process of utilizing an event planner? It is important that you already know the date and time of your event, your budget and number of expected guests.  After that, all you need to do is contact us and we will send you references to event planners in Puerto Vallarta.

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