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Post Production

Post-Production & Editing

We use real-time Non Linear Computer Video Editing Workstations providing a fast turn-around of projects. Not only that, but changes to your programs are easy as we can alter titles & graphics, add or remove clips anywhere on the timeline or change the voice-over & music simply and flexibly. Our post production suite offers uncompressed digital broadcast quality. Promovision is one of the very few Puerto Vallarta video production companies to offer special effects & hi-resolution graphics with your edit. Our editing workstations use uncompressed work with an experienced, creative editor.

Promovision offers the latest in motion graphics technology. We make sure that each lower third, partial or full screen graphic is taken up to a whole new level. Our staff of motion graphics artists is trained in the most advanced graphics processing software, meaning you get the latest in the most efficient time possible. And we pride ourselves on offering the most advanced motion graphics, no matter what the budget. Take a look at our demo reel and the clips above and you'll see our work in action.

Special Effect Motion Graphics: Our post-production team can create the most advanced graphics to fit any situation. Whether you are looking to make a scene that emulates a popular late night talk show, or you're looking to fill a military control room of television monitors with "spy movie" like images, we've got the experience and talent to pull it off.

Let us jazz up your next project with a stunning set of motion graphics. The next time you go to a meeting, your clients will remember you for the very best reasons. Plus, your company logo deserves better than a simple, flat Jpeg or Gif you right-clicked off of the web site. Bring your meeting plans up to the next level with some Promovision graphic design.

Online Graphics Production: Also, with the rapid rise of broadband technology on the Internet, let us apply our award-winning motion graphics to your web site. A new, cutting-edge look will provide a dynamic new feel to any site. So we encourage you to contact us with your questions, or to see more examples of our work in action. After all, see is to believe, and so is talking price. Because we aren't kidding when we say we can give you the best for your budget, with no hidden fees or freelance companies handling your work. We do it here, and we do it the best.

So how do we keep our 3D animation services so affordable? We keep them in house. You wonít have to worry about us farming out your project to some other strange company, and then telling you that we donít know when it will be done because itís not here. Weíve got our own team of award-winning animators who will step up to any project under any circumstances. We can create anything from a full-animated version of your product in an unique creative environment, to a fully animated backdrop that you or an actor can discuss the product in front of.

By utilizing the latest in 3D animation and modeling and motion graphics, you can make a video that sticks out from the rest. We have proven that even the smallest companies can be made to look big.

Computer animation improves learning and comprehension when compared to text and static images and makes your product more memorable compared to the competition. We have a dedicated team of 2D and 3D artists who can produce a logo and branding package for your company. Play your animation in your reception area or to open the company conference. An animated brand logo goes a long way to convince customers that they are dealing with a company that cares about quality and identity.

Video has a power to reach your clients, potential customers and employees that can not be matched by other media. Studies show response and retention rates for video are vastly superior to other forms of communication. And with todayís capability to deliver your video message on the web, interactive CD or DVD, thereís never been a better time to put the power of video to work for you.

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