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We are there for you for the entire wedding planning process and we are always willing to answer any of your very important questions. We will meet with you prior to your wedding to discuss settings, locations, style and taste.
- Willy & Rocio Flores Photograpers

When you choose your wedding photographer, you're not just buying a service, you're investing in memories. That's why you should seek a talented photographer whose style fits your personal vision of the wedding day.

Traditional Wedding Photography Style

The history of wedding photography starts with traditional style photography. This is the timeless style that you've probably seen time and time again. The hallmark of this style is carefully posed photographs of the key moments.

• Benefits: The traditional photographers usually use a planned  "shot list", which means you'll get all the important images.

• Drawbacks: The photographer virtually becomes a "wedding official," directing the wedding  party and guests  according  to a pre-planned list. This approach is very time consuming, and as a result, the bride and groom end up spending less time with their guests. The wedding album look is attractive, yet predictable.

Wedding Photojournalism

Contemporary style also known as photo reportage and documentary approach, photojournalism has become a very popular style of wedding photography, featuring a series of candid photos covering the entire day.

• Benefits:  Wedding photojournalism gives you a series of unique images aimed to "tell the story" of your wedding day.

• Drawbacks:  There is no pre-planned "shot list," only the photographer's instincts; images are unpredictable. Low levels of available light may cause some pictures to look grainy. The couple may regret the absence of traditional, posed portraits in their album.

While exploring this web site, please remember that all photos & videos have been compressed and do not accurately represent the quality of the originals. We pride ourselves in using the latest in technology and best talents when capturing every events.

Your wedding day is one of the most significant days of your life. Congratulations! You have succeeded in pulling off the perfect wedding day. The setting is romantic; the flowers are fabulous. You look absolutely radiant, and your guests, moved by the emotional impact of the proceedings, wipe tears of joy from their beaming faces. And while everything may be perfect, your memories of the celebration will begin to fade even before the flowers. Once the guests have left and the dress is packed away, your photos will be a connection to friends, family and most importantly, your love for each other. Your wedding photography is a chance to candidly photograph this unique moment on the most important day of your lives. Our goal is to capture "moments of life" during a wedding as well as create artistic group shots.

If you do not have good photographs, those memories will be all you have left of the day.

Your wedding photography is arguably one of the most important wedding planning decisions you will make as a bride. Feeling overwhelmed by the task? There is no need to worry, for we have compiled all of the basic information you need to know. Study this section and use it as your guide, because when the wedding is over, all you have left are the photographs.

Our team of talented wedding photographers will tell the story of your wedding day in an emotive and passionate way. Our photographers all have formal training, plus possess creativity and flair rarely found. Your wedding day will be captured in both traditional and candid styles and will reflect your taste. Our experienced Photographers ensure that your wedding photography will be quick and enjoyable while maintaining excellent quality. Our focus on enjoying your day with you means that all our clients rave about our service. Now you need to decide what you like most about Promovision Photography service!

Why go anywhere else to select your wedding photographer?!So you want amazing wedding pictures? Think about how you want to spend your photography budget. Consider how much you're really getting for your money. Are you paying an exorbitant amount to have a photographer shoot 20 photos per hour, only to charge you another equally large amount of money to print them? Why?!

At Promovision, we believe you want to pay for the skill of your photographer. Put simply, you want amazing photos and you want access to them!We shoot a large number of images, which you will receive at full quality on a CD or DVD, so you can print them wherever and whenever you like, at the price you choose.

There are no hidden costs. We will cover your wedding day in a full and complete way. We will capture those precious, candid moments, and convey the emotion of your event. This combined with the technical know-how in photography and many years of experience as commercial photographers promises amazing results!

We have talented photographers available to capture your special day.

Our pricing is very straight forward; here is our standard package in point form:
- 6 hours dedicated to photographing your wedding but not limited as we work on an event by event package price.
- Consultations with your chosen photographer prior to your wedding
- No limit as to how many digital pictures will be taken during the event.
- You will receive ALL digital images on DVD or CD-Rom at high resolution
- Expert digital balancing of ALL files for density and color
- Careful studio backup of all your files, and transfer to disks
- Images shot in RAW format
- Design savvy creative post-production of your images

We are ready and willing to provide you with the advice you need to help create the best wedding ever. Why not also browse through our Video packages and see what we have to offer. We are your one stop shop for all your Photography, Videography.


We provide you with answers and flexible solutions.

Who keeps the wedding negatives and copyright?All wedding clients receive the negatives and copyright with all packages.

Where are you located?

Where can I find pricing on your wedding photography packages?
Pricing for various wedding photography packages can be found on our website.

How do I know who will be the wedding photographer for my wedding day?
All Promovision Photographers are profiled online and can be requested for your wedding, day (if available for that day) once a deposit is received.

How many wedding photographers come with your packages?
Promovision provides one photographer with every package. An additional candid wedding photographer is available with every wedding photography package for additional fees. The candid wedding photographer utilizes a high resolution digital camera with unlimited exposures transferred to CD-ROM for presentation. All digital images can be printed at a professional lab or even at home using photographic paper.

Do you charge for travel?
We may charge a small extra if outside the Bay of Banderas (or from Mismaloya to Sayulita). We will advise you if your location is outside this limit.

How many hours of wedding photography coverage will I receive on my wedding day?
Promovision does not charge by the hour. All wedding photography is performed by the package and allows unrestricted movement from one location to another without additional charges.

When will I receive my wedding proofs and negatives?
All wedding proofs and negatives are delivered to the Wedding Couple's hotel or location in Vallarta before leaving (when ever possible) or sent to their residence within 30 days of wedding date if you requested the digital artistic photo work.

I want a combination of both color and black/white for my wedding … is that possible with Promovision Photographic service?
Yes a combination of color and b/w determined is offered when requested.

I am having a late wedding ceremony … can we take photos of the bride and groom, bridal party and family prior to the late afternoon or evening wedding ceremony without extra charges?
We do not charge by the hour and encourages couples to take as many photos as possible during the mid afternoon - prior to the wedding ceremony, allowing to be more relaxed, not be under the pressure of time constraint and spend or more time with family and friends later.

What type of equipment does your company use to photograph weddings?
Our Photographers use professional Canon & Nikon digital and 35mm products to maintain consistency for all wedding photo sessions.

What style of wedding photography do your photographers take?
Promovision has staffs that are qualified to take Candid, Photojournalistic and Traditional styles dependent on weather, bridal party size, first or second marriage, and cooperation level with Bride and Groom.

How long should I plan for the pre or post wedding pictures - called formals?
Between 1 - 2 hours is a plan that works for most wedding parties.

Can I customize the wedding packages to meet my budget?
We have a package plan starting with a 1 hour beach ceremony to a Queens's Wedding.

I want two wedding photographers for my wedding one shooting the traditional and required shots and the other shooting candid and photojournalistic styles … is that possible?

Our photographers have custom packages where the second photographer shoots unlimited digital exposures / files for the day / evening and transfers the files to CD or DVD.

How can I reserve my date with a Promovision Photographer ?
We will hold your date request via our online booking service.

When will I know the name of the wedding photographer for my date?
Promovision will contact you when we receive your deposit and assign your desired wedding photographer at that time.

What are your deposit fees for your wedding photography packages?
Promovision will assign the photographer of your choice (if available for your selected wedding date) when a deposit to the amount of 50% of your requested package is received to secure our services for a specific wedding date.

When do we pay the final balance?
We will accept final payment on wedding date at the conclusion of the afternoon or evening. (US $ or Travelers Cheques)

Where can I see photos from various wedding photographers?
Samples are available on this web site under the photographer's profile. Your selected photographer can provide you with more when you meet after your arrival.

Does your wedding photography service have any videos online that provides additional information?
See all our other sections on this web site.

Does the wedding photographer require a meal at the wedding?
It not required and it is to your own discretion. (Only to advise him if it will be provided)

For a complete Wedding Photography Planning Guide that you can take with you, download our things to remember worksheet.

The photographer should ask you about your stylistic preferences and having a clear plan of how to execute the photo session. The Bride often underestimates the chemistry between the importances of the photographer's personality, yet this person will end up being a very personal guest at your most important event. Some of the most beautiful moments happen behind the scenes, while the bride is dressing, while the couple steals a kiss, and you should feel comfortable inviting the photographer to capture these moments. That way you can see it all - not just the highlights - and you will have a better feel for his or her ability to capture your day.

Once you have found the wedding photographer with the skill set, style, vision and personality to suit your needs, you must schedule follow up meetings to discuss specifics and plan your wedding photography. Together you will decide how many hours your photographer will spend at your wedding, your overall vision and specific photo suggestions. Define and articulate your expectations and desires. You should discuss everything with your photographer prior to the wedding to ensure you get the wedding album you envision. Visualize in advance what your wedding photos will look like. Consider whether you foresee black and white or color. You get the picture. Plan the wedding day photography from beginning to end. Try to visit the location with your photographer to preview the site. This will help determine lighting conditions, photo locations and alternatives in case of inclement weather. Let the photographer know the sequence of activities and who, what, when and where you want to photograph. Remember that tipping is completely optional. Most established wedding photographers do not expect a tip; however, a monetary thank you is always appreciated.

Available - both Film and Digital photography!

While exploring this web site, please remember that all photos have been compressed and do not accurately represent the quality of the originals. We pride ourselves in using the latest in technology and talents when capturing every wedding.

You will not find more wedding information from any other wedding planner, photo & video web site in Puerto Vallarta. (Bookmark this page)

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