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TV Commercial

TV Commercial Production

At Promovision we have produced video advertising for restaurants, hotels, paint retail store, art craft shops and independent promoters.

The process:

Research steps ?
- Who is your target audience?
- What is your message?
- What is the purpose of your video?
- What visual and graphical elements do you want to show?
- What medium will you use for distribution?
- Where do we have to travel to get these elements?
- How many minutes do you think the program should last?
- What is the estimated shelf life of your video?
- Who will be the subject matter expert on this video?
- Who will be approving the scripts and offline edits?
- What is your deadline? What is driving your deadline?
- How much do you have budgeted to spend on your video?
- Can we re-purpose video elements for other uses- like a company web-site?
- When can we get started?

Promovision provides the highest quality TV commercial production service, because our creative team understand marketing and take into account your company's brand and overall business objectives. When you call on Promovision, you get a team of creative and savvy business minds that will work with your marketing staff and senior management to craft a story that will resonate with prospective customers. In the end, we understand that our work will be measured by the results achieved - not just in the short-term, but in the long run.

Pre-Production: We will work with you to determine your advertising goals, target audience and optimal method or reaching this audience. You will discuss production options and begin to develop a script for your commercial. Promovisionís creative team will work closely with you during the pre-production process on initiatives such as product testing, location scouting, and casting talent.

Graphics: Business or company logos are important for graphics in your commercial. Logos and slogans create an identity and should be consistent with your overall business brand identity, collateral materials and other advertising efforts.

The Script: Our creative staff spearheads the crafting of an effective script, which provides direction through the process. It is the story board that makes shooting and editing easier, and allows the project to stay within budget.

The Shoot: Shooting may include lighting effects and techniques, microphones and a video monitor, depending on the script and budget. We also provide digital tape and film shooting kits including the latest High Definition equipment and full range of lighting and grip equipment.

When filming is completed, the creative Director typically supervises all aspects of post-production, from editing to sound design, we complete your TV commercial by layering video, graphics, voice over, music and special effects until the project is completed and ready to air.

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