YouTube Just Got Better for Marketing

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YouTube Just Got Better for Marketing, Here’s How Top Brands Use It

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By Jennifer Beese

As technology continues to evolve, the way people watch and interact with video content on YouTube does too. From cross-promotion features to offline viewing support, the platform has made several changes in order to adapt. Last month, YouTube rolled out a redesign that borrowed heavily from its mobile app. The new look is designed to display on any size screen and has put a much larger emphasis on playlists.

Playlists are an essential part of your YouTube Channel’s strategy. Not only can they increase watch-time, but they create another asset that will appear in search results and Suggested Videos. You can create them using your own videos, other videos, or a combination of both.

As part of the most recent update, playlists liked by viewers are now listed in the sidebar, just a single click away from anywhere on the site. You’ll also find that the process of creating a playlist is easier than ever. Additionally, anyone looking for new playlists from their favorite content creators can check out the new playlist tab on Channels, like the one in the screenshot below.

Just as importantly, YouTube’s new center-aligned look creates a familiar and consistent experience across devices. Viewers can easily flip between what’s recommended and popular as well as the latest videos from their subscriptions. Because of updates like these, the video platform is becoming a much more popular destination for brands. In fact, the Top 100 Global Brands have already published more than a quarter million videos.

We’ve highlighted a few brands that are doing exceptionally well on YouTube.

The best performing brands on YouTube publish high volumes of content on a regular schedule. According to Pixability, top brands publish approximately 78 videos per month with leading media brands producing closer to 500 videos per month.

It should comes as no surprise that Red Bull is part of this list. The company is a content-creating machine across social networks, and its presence on YouTube is no different. Red Bull produces anywhere from one to five videos a day.

Discoverability on YouTube is key, which is why the most successful brands on the platform take time to optimize their videos and channels. Pepsi does a great job of this, from customizing its Channel to maintaining a wide variety of timely and engaging playlists.

Additionally, all of the brand’s videos feature well-crafted descriptions that include keywords, hashtags, and links to its other social channels. This makes it easy for people to discover Pepsi’s videos on the platform, as well as its presence on other networks.

Creating high quality content should be your goal, but you don’t need to hold out on sharing your videos just because you don’t have access to a Hollywood film crew. The best YouTube creators produce a wide range of video content, and even videos with lower production value can succeed.

For example, sometimes live shoots don’t allow for a lot of post-editing and that’s okay, as long as your content provides value for your viewers. Newegg does a great job of mixing well-crafted videos with live interviews. Although there might be noise in the background or slightly less ideal camera quality, the company’s videos still pull in thousands of views.

At the end of the day, the goal of any content you create is to drive awareness and sales for your brand. However, if social media has taught us one thing it’s that constantly and obviously pushing a product can do more harm than good. The most successful brands know how to intelligently integrate products into their marketing assets.

A fantastic example of a brand balancing storytelling and sales in Louis Vuitton. The company’s video content give viewers an insider look at its products through rich imagery and extraordinary storytelling. Viewers are entertained by the video’s characters and plots, all the while being subtly introduced to a product.

As YouTube becomes a bigger part of your marketing strategy, take a look at the Channels of the brands mentioned above, as well as others, to draw inspiration for your own videos. And keep an eye out here for more articles about YouTube and how you can leverage its features for your brands upcoming campaigns.

Jennifer Beese

Jennifer is a former sorority girl turned geek, writer, and mobile app enthusiast. She has worked as a community manager/social media strategist for several startups. Most recently she has been writing for Sprout Social and Today’s iPhone. Jennifer is passionate about social media, apps, and kinesiology – she literally has a skeleton in her closet.

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