Your Story Is More Than Your Product: Emotion, Feel, React.

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Your Story Is More Than Your Product: Emotion, Feel, React. Marketing Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Los Cabos, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Riviera Maya, Yucatan, Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Sonora, Baja California Sur, Quintana Roo, Chiapas, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Marketing Agency Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant

Marketing Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant

Human connections are the heart and soul of business. You are dealing with people, you are solving problems, providing delightful customer experiences.

Storytelling is a powerful technique. It is a concept that brings people together and keeps them engaged.

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Marketing Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant

Good stories give big voices to your destination. Take the time up front to fully develop your approaches to storytelling.

Storytelling and marketing go hand-in-hand. You need to capture your audience’s attention.

90% of Corporate Video Productions FAILS!

Consumers face advertising overload. You are constantly competing for customers attention.


Marketing Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant

What is your goal 
What motivates your customers 
What customers find value in working with your brand and why 
A relationship-building tool 
A concept that underscores your entire social network presence 
Something that your customers embraces 

Storytelling is about your customers and the value that they get when engaging with your product or service. The most powerful brand stories are the ones that prioritize customers as the stars.

Let your customers tell their stories for you? A series of stories from actual customers. It is how you communicate your message. It is your values.

Stop trying to sell your product, and instead, focus on developing human interest. Answer the question of why people should care about what your destination has to say. Be persuasive and appealing to emotion.

Marketing Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant

Look for customer testimonials and case studies, forward by offering to do case studies for other destinations.

Consumers can sense disingenuous messaging from miles away. Awkward stock photos with fake customers to false promises, empty messaging can only hurt your brand. If you talk down your customers and prospects, they’re going to stop listening immediately. If you have a great product, your customers and prospects will perceive your services as incredibly smart.

Don’t expect good stories to appear out of thin air. You need to focus on getting your messaging just right. You need to craft your company’s message to all of your brand communications.
Transform goals into substantive concepts with context and priority.

Let your customers determine your brand messaging. Let them define the voice behind your destination/services. What do you want your audiences to feel after visiting your website or social network.

Human-to-human connections are the heart of public awareness. Brand storytelling is a technique that can reinforce these bonds. 
Stories can give your brand a powerful voice, regardless of whether you are running a destination, hotel, tour operator. 
You need to formalize your brand story to build connections both on and off your site, especially if your company is actively building a PR strategy. 
Storytelling is more than what you say explicitly. It’s how you communicate your message and how you connect with your target audiences.
Brand stories are cross-functional commitments that should guide your entire organization. Your sales team should all have a hand in articulating your brand messaging.

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When a consumer makes a decision to purchase a product or service, that decision is based on much more than the various features available. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer; we make buying decisions based on what we believe a product or service can do for us or how it makes us feel, i.e. it fulfills a need that we have. You want to believe that this purchase will have a positive impact on your life. Stories are exciting. Most marketing is not.

We provide media solutions for tourism organizations, operators and related businesses looking to harness the power of video, photography and aerial drone imagery. If you need sharp, effective marketing of your region or business, we can help.

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90% of Corporate Video Productions FAILS!

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Marketing Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant

Marketing Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant

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