Your hotel joined the video revolution yet

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Has your hotel joined the video revolution yet?

By Emile Breure | 18 Jul 2013 | Social Media, Tips & Tricks

Content marketing is emerging as a top marketing trend in 2013, and it will have a big impact upon the way marketers work over the next few months and into 2014.

Video is a top content marketing choice.

Content does not mean merely written copy, but it includes multi-media. In fact, content encompasses any mode that will provide a way of engaging with customers and guests, and one of the most significant and effective of these modes is video. Because video is predicted to reach 90% of all web traffic by 2014, it is considered one of the top multimedia choices to provide marketing content. That is a confident prediction, but with 2.8 million videos viewed on YouTube every single minute, it is completely possible.

More engagement opportunities

Other social media platforms are also seeing the massive potential of video. Instagram recently introduced video and Vine for Twitter is also showing immense growth. As well as having a 41% higher click-through rate than text, video also provides a variety of ways to engage, as illustrated in the screenshot below from YouTube analytics.

Are you using video yet?

There are plenty of reasons why you should get started with video, and below we offer some strategies to get you going.

Travel Shopping

We already know that travel shoppers visit several sites before they make a vacation decision. Managed shoppers (business) are usually required to search, and use, specific properties and OTAs, but they still use the same strategies as other (unmanaged) travel shoppers.

Google tells us that 68% of all travel shoppers watch travel-related videos, so with well over two thirds of prospective guests searching for you and making their decisions via video, it makes sense to launch your video effort soon.

Cater to the imagination

When you are planning and shooting your videos, think about your guests (including business guests) and what experiences they would enjoy at your hotel. One of the biggest benefits of adding videos to your website or social media channels is that you encourage guests to imagine themselves in your hotel or resort.

Make sure to shoot videos of the areas that you know your guests will enjoy, such as the pool or spa for the vacationer and the fitness room for the businessperson. You could even create a video that shows what “A Day in the Life of …” looks like in your resort.

Notice the screenshot of one of our customer’s videos below and observe how many views they have had. That could be more than 30,000 prospective guests who are imagining themselves in your hotel(s).

Be findable

You have several alternative ways to host your own videos; however, since YouTube is the second largest search engine, it makes ultimate sense to use your own YouTube Channel as host. Another good reason to use YouTube is so that guests with all types of devices will see your videos; some video formats are not visible on every device.

Use keywords associated with your video so that search engines will find you and rank your property – and an interesting tid-bit of information reveals that YouTube results show up in Google, but Google results do not show up in YouTube!

The screenshot of the videos below show the professional videos made for the vilaGalé Hotels, and hosted on their own YouTube Channel. Note that he screenshot only shows part of the Channel header, because YouTube has very recently introduced new Channel art, and this hotel group had not yet completed their header art at the time of this post.

Again, you can see the high number of views for the different hotels; a large percentage of these views will have been redirected to their websites, and many to bookings.

Customer Service

Using videos for customer service can be effective and powerful. If your guest has a concern, you can make a video to illustrate that the issue has been resolved. Especially the simple video tools from Instagram and Vine could be very helpful here.

Next week we will consider some strategies that will help you get into a video-posting routine that will help you raise your views, increase your engagement and conversions, and thus your ROI.

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