Why is Video so Persuasive?

Why is Video so Persuasive?
Posted on April 18, 2013 by Adam By: Melissa Jackson

It turns out that there is a very powerful reason why individuals are drawn to video and it remains a top choice for marketers: You can make a 100% human connection. This may seem like an obvious point, but behavioural psychologist Susan Weinschenk, who is a consultant for such companies as Wal-mart, Disney and The Mayo Clinic and is known as “The Brain Lady”, believes that video can be one of the most compelling mediums out there and how we connect to it shouldn’t be underestimated.

In her video “4 Reasons Why Online Video Is Persuasive” she outlines the following keys to why we react so strongly to video:

1) The Fusiform Facial Area- When we see someone speaking in a video this is the area of the brain that drives our attention to the human face. It connects with the emotions being presented and allows for a richer understanding of material presented.

2) Voice – The audio in a video is just as important as the visuals, as it conveys additional information to the viewer, as our brains are trained to interpret the changes in our tone. Real sincerity from your speaker goes a long way to making a point, as does genuine enthusiasm.

3) Emotions – Even though a viewer watching your video isn’t speaking back human emotion is proven to be so contagious that your viewer can share your feelings. Without this human element in your content you just aren’t getting the full impact.

4) Movement – The human mind is trained to watch for movement and it keeps our attention much better than a stationary image. If you can capture the eyes both with a direct image, and keep the peripheral vision captive you have someone’s full attention.

It has been proven that when you put a video next to a product or service, it makes it much more likely that the viewer is going to buy! If you want to increase your conversion video is the way to go. For those that aren’t selling, video still trumps other mediums, offering a clarity of presentation and shareability not easily beat.

To view a video that really connects watch below.

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