Why Video for a Wedding? Puerto Vallarta

Why is video important for a wedding? Puerto Vallarta

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Most brides and grooms say “my wedding day was a blur; the day went so fast”. With all the hustle and bustle on your wedding day and how easy it is to miss some of the important emotions and details. We focus on people and details from the day. This is not surprising as one of the biggest regrets brides and grooms have after their wedding is their decision not to have a professional wedding video. A wedding is full of once-in-a-lifetime moments that should be captured.

Puerto Vallarta Wedding Video Photographer promovision@hotmail.com

After the wedding day is over, all that remains to relive the day are the photos and video. Wedding photos are beautiful and wonderful but there is nothing that compares to a bride who can watch and listen to her father tell her that he loves her, when he is no longer around to do so. Video captures the people that matter the most to you and that moment is forever captured on video.

Puerto Vallarta Wedding Video Photographer promovision@hotmail.com

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event. This day, once it passes, will be gone forever. We understand this paradigm that there are things in life that once lost it can never be recovered. Your wedding is one of the most pivotal events of your life. To come to this day, you’ve made many significant and life-changing decisions. And after months and countless hours of planning and decision-making, the fruits of your labor culminate in this one day, this small window of time to share with those closest and dearest to you, in a day of joy and celebration. We want to help you remember and relive your most precious day with all of its cherished moments even after this day ends.

Puerto Vallarta Wedding Video Photographer promovision@hotmail.com

Wedding Videos are to be treasured and sitting down with your children and someday grandchildren watching your beautiful day unfold and reliving those memories in front of there eyes that moment when you both say “I Do” is what having a professionally produced wedding video is all about. Your Wedding Video in twenty years time this is what will be most important, the people who were there.

All our packages cover all the major events of the day, please remember that we can also tailor packages to suit your requirements & budget.

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Puerto Vallarta Wedding Video Photographer promovision@hotmail.com
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