Ways to Use Social Media to Boost Your Video Marketing Strategy

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Ways to Use Social Media to Boost Your Video Marketing Strategy

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By Neil Davidson,

Social media is one of the best tools you can use to market your videos. Sites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest make content very easy to share, and if you’re creating something of value, well – people will share it. But it’s not enough to just create the content, send it out into the universe, and hope somebody picks up on it.

So let’s take a look at some more active methods you can use to boost your video marketing strategy, through understanding your audience and finding out what they want.

1. Hunt down people who are likely to be interested in you.

Use programs like FollowerWonk (which allows you to create telling Venn diagrams – see below) to find social media users who follow brands similar to your own, and use the information to your advantage. Chances are, the common audiences of big brands in your industry will be interested in your company too. However – Followerwonk can do more than just find you people to follow in bulk.

The above screenshot shows a comparison of 2 well known marketing organisations: @seomoz and @reelseo. Say for example you were trying to determine a video content strategy that you wanted to reach marketers who are interested in SEO and video (our kind of market) and wanted to find out what kind of content your target market wants.

You could run this research and then click on the link that says “followers of both” to see a list of everyone that follows both SEOMoz and ReelSEO. A screengrab of this is shown below:

You can sort your results by Social Authority (this is a propriety Followerwonk score) to see who is most influential. You can then double check to see which of the influential people like to retweet content – it seems that Robert Scoble (tech journalist) does and there will of course be many more.

You can then take a look at the content that these influential people are sharing, what they are talking about and what seems to get their attention. you then focus on creating video content like this.

2. Tweet your videos to authority users and influencers

(not necessarily those with high follower counts) in your industry that tend to retweet useful information. If you create truly interesting content, it’s likely to be retweeted by these power users – therefore getting your content in front of an audience previously inaccessible to you.

3. Listen to influencers in your industry across all social networks.

If you actually pay attention, you may hit upon something they’re specifically looking for – which is a potential gold mine for you. If you can create a video that solves a problem or answers a question the influencers are specifically looking for, it’s very likely that they will share it, again giving you access to their own, bigger audiences.

4. Make friends with people in your field that utilise social media.

Some people consider this “networking,” but “making friends” and building a genuine connection with heavy social media users in your field of expertise means they will probably share your videos quite happily as you create them – so long as you create something worth sharing, of course.

5. Pay attention to where your followers are located.

If you find that the majority of your followers are located in the US, for example, you’d be better off sharing your content on your social networks during times when they are most active on social media. There’s no point tweeting about your latest video at 8am your time if it’s 3am their time – by the time they log on in the morning, your updates will have vanished into the depths of the internet.

6. Keep track of how many people follow and unfollow you.

There are tools that do this for you (FollowerWonk, for one), and they provide incredibly valuable information relating to your followers. If you find an unusually large amount of people unfollow you after you shared a particular type of content, you’ll know that that’s not the sort of content that appeals to your target audience. It’ll also show you any dramatic increases in followers, which could be caused by a particular video of yours going viral – another useful piece of information.

7. Create more of the type of content people are sharing

That garners you more followers – you’ve hit on something useful if people are sharing it, so there’s no reason not to create more of it. After all, providing value – which your followers are obviously finding in this particular content – is the best way of boosting your brand, reputation and followers.

8. Engage with people.

If all you ever do on Facebook is share your latest videos, you’re unlikely to have much of an impact beyond the usefulness of your videos. However, if you respond to comments and questions people leave on your social media accounts, and you share content besides your own videos, you’ll be able to build a much more loyal following – which can only be good for business.

9. Take note of your followers’ specific locations.

There’s nothing people like more than hearing about themselves, so if you’re able to direct a specific video towards an area where you have a large concentration of followers – such as a particular city or region – they’re very likely to be interested in what you have to say. Analytics apps can provide this information for you.

10. Focus on providing value.

You should already be creating more of the type of content that clearly garners hits and shares – but always focus on quality above all. If you think you’ve hit on a magic video formula that people will automatically share, and so decide to start churning out more and more of it, don’t be surprised if the quality of your works suffers – and your followers stop following you. Creating good quality, useful videos should always be the top of your agenda.

Read more at http://www.business2community.com/social-media/10-ways-to-use-social-media-to-boost-your-video-marketing-strategy-0450021#qArwwAUDFHg3EmLU.99

Author: Neil Davidson Neil Davidson is the Founder of My Web Presenters, who are a leading Video Production specialist. My Web Presenters work with businesses of all sizes to create and market compelling and emotive video that helps them to communicate with their specific audience…. View full profile http://www.business2community.com/author/neil-davidson

Read more at http://www.business2community.com/social-media/10-ways-to-use-social-media-to-boost-your-video-marketing-strategy-0450021#qArwwAUDFHg3EmLU.99

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