Ways to Incorporate Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

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An Incredible Look at Online Video Usage, and 6 Ways to Incorporate Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

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With roughly 8.5 in every 10 online users accessible through online video marketing, there’s no shortage of marketers trying to edge their way into those statistics.

DemandForce has pieced together a visual that illustrates the surge of online video streaming over the past couple of years and makes sense of the incredible marketing opportunities that this presents. To put things into perspective, close to 84.5% of Unite States Internet users watched online videos in May 2012 according to data from comScore Video Metrix. In that same month, a recorded average of 21.9 hours of online video was watched.
The visualized data needs to be seen to believed.

Do you fall into any of the following statistics? Here’s a look:


Marketing Agency Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant promovision@hotmail.com

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