Videos the Most Efficient Inbound Marketing Tactic

Are Videos the Most Efficient Inbound Marketing Tactic?

By Michael Dooley, Published December 20, 2013

A Crash Course in Video Marketing

For small to medium sized businesses, video marketing can come off as something they don’t think they really need, or something that is way out of their company budget. This is due in part to the traditional view of video marketing being exclusively television advertisements. But small businesses can actually flourish in the realm of video marketing, without ever running an ad on TV. Publishing video content online can be one of the most efficient and effective ways to market your brand to your consumer base, and they’re numbers to back it up. According to Axonn Research, “those who view such content are 85 percent more likely to buy than visitors who do not.”

But Video is Expensive

It really doesn’t have to be. A common misconception is that video marketing requires professional grade production and a hefty advertising budget. But in reality most brands can actually handle a large amount of their video marketing in house, using either video equipment or only a smartphone. If someone in your company owns a decent video camera and simple video editing software, you already have all of the equipment you need. There still may be cases where outsourcing to a professional may be your best option, such as a primary video on your homepage. Any professional outsourcing should be considered carefully, weighing the cost of the outsourcing versus the benefit of a professional grade video for the specific project.

Lights Camera Action

So if you’re going to use your own equipment to shoot video for your business, what do you take videos of? Well you don’t want to make only simple classic format commercials; those are often better left to the professionals. But brands can create their own videos to provide insight on their products and the inner-workings of their company. Videos that can be produced in-house include product demos, how-to guides, reviews, and much more.

Brands can also create behind-the-scenes videos that show the everyday life of their company, which can attract a lot of interest from the audience. If you have a cool office, work atmosphere, or purely amazing employees, show them off! People will enjoy entertaining and funny videos from around your office, but you should always be careful with how far you take your sense of humor.

Optimizing Your Distribution Platforms

The types of video that a brand produces should depend on the platform it is being published on. If a brand wants to post videos to Instagram or Vine, this is a great platform for some of the behind-the-scenes videos. Since Instagram and Vine videos are taken on mobile devices, it is perfect for someone on-site to record short glimpses of daily life at the company. Brands can also use Instagram and Vine to post sneak-peeks at new products, because of the extremely short format of these videos it can leave the audience wanting to see more.

Longer form videos are better suited for YouTube, where optimizing your YouTube Channel becomes key. Brands can post their longer videos such as product demos, how-to guides, and reviews on YouTube and organize them into playlists. Having your YouTube Channel organized neatly will make it easier for visitors to find the content they need and will encourage them to come back for similar content in the same location.

Brands Already on Board

Sonic Electronix

This electronics company does a great job of creating valuable and educational video content for its consumer base. The bulk of their videos are product reviews and educational how-to guides from electronics and audio experts. Establishing themselves as experts and consultants to their audience, viewers are much more likely to purchase a product directly from Sonic Electronix after watching one of their videos.


This custom car audio company has taken advantage of YouTube playlists to gain over 50,000 subscribers. They have done so using a common strategy amongst high-performing YouTube Channels, creating webisodes to make up multiple seasons of a show. Soundman posts two webisodes a week of their show “Amplified”, which is divided up into five seasons. The web series performs well because it provides an honest, entertaining, and often funny, inside look at what this company does and how good they are at it.


This brand is an example of a smaller business that is really just getting started on YouTube, but is already using Instagram really well. Even with the limited amount of YouTube content, the videos posted still draw positive and valuable feedback from potential new customers. The Instagram videos are perfect for the short format, showing sneak-peeks of products and live demos.

The owner of this company is actually a friend of mine and for a long time I didn’t really understand what his job was. But after seeing the YouTube and Instagram videos I was able to see the creative custom work that this company produces. Like many other small businesses, their uniqueness and personal touch is what makes them great, and these platforms are a way to showcase that.


This article originally appeared on Inbound Marketing Blog and has been republished with permission.
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