Videos That Go Viral

Videos That Go Viral

Thu 10th Oct 2013

Nowadays, content doesn’t just mean written word. No, great content also comes in the form of infographics, slide shows, whiteboard animations, podcasts, lists and of course video.

Videos are a great way of making fun, interesting, fresh and engaging content for your business. Video has recently transitioned from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have’, especially when you consider that ‘78% of people watch videos at least once a week, and 55% watch every day’.

The right video can get your business in front of not just your customers, but the whole country (even the world) if it’s a hit and gets people talking about it. But how do you know what people will actually want to watch? Does a video of a man losing a dog and chasing it through Richmond Park shouting “FENTON!” sound like it would gain almost ten million views on YouTube in under two years? Probably not, but it has.

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Although that wasn’t a marketing/business related video, if done right, there is plenty of scope for these to enjoy viral success too. Have you seen this effort from the dollar shave club yet? See how a little creativity can make a huge impact – within three months of this being posted on YouTube, it racked up 4.75 million views and 12,000 people signed up within 48 hours of it going ‘live’. Bet you didn’t think that explaining a business model could be so entertaining?

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So, what makes a video go viral?

Neil Davidson of my web presenters says that ‘video, blog posts, apps or photos, people love to share new things with their friends and acquaintances. Being the first to find some great content amongst a group of friends and passing it onto them is in effect a gift’.

Neil says that how your video content spreads depends on 2 key areas:

1) That your content initiates an emotional reaction in the viewer; does it make them feel excited? Does it make them feel empowered, smart or in the know? Does it make them feeling angry about something or does it inspire awe?

2) That you make an effort to market your content; even if you create the most perfect video in the world no-one will see it unless you actively go out and point it out to people.

Of course, creating a video that enjoys viral success is not an exact science. While you might find something outrageously emotive internally, the rest of the world might not.

Over time and through trial and error, you will learn what evokes the best responses and you can adapt your strategy, so that you create content that you know is most likely to be shared within your networks (and beyond, hopefully).

Give it a go, you might just strike it lucky although Neil adds, don’t ‘expect to create viral content regularly, it will be a bit hit and miss even if you do completely understand the essence of virality’.

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