Videos on Social Media a Great Business Strategy

Why Posting Videos on Social Media is Such a Great Business Strategy

Posted February 15, 2014 Posted by: Kayla Minguez

More and more companies are making their presence known on popular social media sites. While being active on sites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest is a start, there is another useful strategy that can make a business’s social media site interesting: posting videos.

If you’re looking to add your social media page in a way that will draw followers or customers, here are some reasons to consider using videos.

Today’s Social Media Users Are More “Visual”-Minded Than Ever

Smartphones are the means by which millions of individuals access the internet. At the same time, these devices are a popular means of taking and viewing videos. In fact, images and videos are becoming more and more common methods of interaction; be it “selfies” or short videos.

Because visitors to social media sites tend to be more visual-minded, make sure that instead of just typing tweets and slogans you attempt to key in on this. Share short clips of your business’s location or your newest product. Being able to see what it is you have to offer will go farther towards drawing attention to your business than descriptive paragraphs.

Remember: high definition videos are most ideal, as clear and sharp images are most attractive. Consider HD videos over CAT 5 where applicable.

Great Way to Connect With Customers

In addition to enjoying videos and images that are shared with them, consider encouraging customers and followers to share videos with you. For instance, you can hold contests regarding funny videos with themes that relate to your brand or products.

Or, simply post videos that were shared with you by customers. Individuals will be more encouraged to interact with your social media account if they feel there is a chance they may be featured.

Aim to Go Viral

You’ll notice some businesses have videos that become extremely popular and are shared across the web and around the world. These companies aren’t necessarily huge established global brands, for example, this video for a Thai Insurance company. The compelling storyline and emotional drama of this video managed to captivate many people from various countries and backgrounds, even though the native language is one that many don’t speak. The gist of the video was easily understood and it struck a chord with millions of people.

Whether a video is emotional or funny or strange, videos tend to go viral when they are both highly unique and highly shareable. When you post videos to social media sites, consider whether or not your videos meet these qualities: Are they memorable? Are they unique? Do they seem like something that someone would be inclined to share?

Videos Are Just Another Means Of “Word Of Mouth” Advertising

Just as tweets and Facebook mentions are great for “word of mouth” advertising, so are videos. Remember, commercials aren’t the only footage that can act as a form of advertising. Even if you’re posting a six second Vine video about the new design of a product or the new look of your restaurant, that is a very good way to generate interest.

When followers and would-be customers are treated to something special, they’ll want to share it. This is where “word of mouth” advertising comes into play; the more your video is shared, the more people will come into contact with you and your brand. Using videos means that these individuals have a series of images in their heads that they can associate with you and your brand. Adding these videos on social media accounts that are regularly updated and where visitors are interacted with will encourage visitors to not only know more about your social media site and/or business, but to talk about you with others.

The best advertising a business can have is the sort that they don’t have to do themselves.

As videos and images become more prominent features on the web, businesses will find themselves relying less and less on a great deal of text and snappy slogans to attract customers via social media sites. As it becomes more about what you show than what you say, it’s best for businesses on social media to be thoughtful about how they can use videos uploaded to various sites to show the very best of what they have to offer.

Authored by: Kayla Minguez Kayla Minguez is a Jr. Online PR Specialist at WebpageFX. She specializes in online content marketing, blogging, outreach and long form content. Follow her on Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for updates on her latest social media posts!

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