Video’s Evolving Role In Social Media

Video’s Evolving Role In Social Media

MediaPost’s Online Video Insider – Eric Korsh | Wednesday, 28 November

We all know that channels like Twitter and Facebook enable quick response and interaction between brands and their consumers. Today brands are finding ways to be charming, sarcastic, and irreverent; they’re personalizing their communications, and successfully so. After all, when a company takes the time to write a response to someone’s tweet or Facebook post, it can demonstrate the brand as having a personality – a critical feature of social channels. For instance, Domino’s asked @AmazingPhil to pack his bags and move out after he declared that he cheated on them with Pizza Hut. Taco Bell (a client of ours) and Old Spice have bantered about their use of ingredients.

Yet as clever as these examples are, there are ways that we can go further. Many marketers have largely treated video as a cumbersome and costly effort, primarily repurposed from TV instead of purpose-built for social platforms. But today we’re seeing the emergence of responsive video, broadening the channels in which brands can interact with people in a more engaging way. Unfortunately, while all social channels have risks that fly in the face of traditional brand reticence, video has the added problem of bucking the trend of preproduced, corporate, commercial communication—expensive and slow. That said, technology has democratized the use and reduced the cost of video production, so we’re starting to see some brands embrace the ability to create swift, inexpensive video.

Here are just a few ways that video can be used in social; quickly and with great effect.

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