Video viewers sharing through social channels

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Video viewers sharing through social channels

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Instead of rewinding DVRs or texting friends about the latest hot commercial, video viewers are now sharing their favorite ads through social channels. That according to new data out from Unruly which shows that video ad ‘shares’ for CPG brands increased by more than 50%.
by Kristina Knight

“Thanks to highly-successful campaigns such as Budweiser’s Brotherhood ad, the number of video ad shares across the social web for CPG campaigns increased by 78.2% during the first three months of the year,” said Ian Forrester, Head of Insight at Unruly. “The biggest surprise we saw in performance for this quarter is the auto sector, which finished fourth, behind technology.”

Some interesting findings from the report:

• Video viewers are most likely to share entertainment content (28% do so)
• CPG content had more than 8 million video shares
• Tech brands received just over 17% of social shares
• The Auto vertical increased shares more than 300% but still lag behind

Its interesting to note that while the Entertainment sector led verticals for sharing, brands weren’t only depending on an ad during the Super Bowl to gather buzz. Universal, which pushed the Entertainment vertical over the top with ads for the upcoming “Fast & Furious” movie, followed that ad up with a more in-depth look at the film a few days after the Super Bowl. This perhaps pushing even more viewers to share via their social networks.

This week Unruly launches a real time analytics platform to give social brands insight into video campaigns. Called Unruly Analytics, the platform is cloud based and measures the brand’s social video footprint in the Benchmark Edition or offers real time insights to specific campaigns in the Campaign Edition.

“We are seeing an explosion in the social video market and brands are struggling to keep pace with how to measure the medium and report the success and ROI. Four billion items are shared on Facebook every day and 700+ YouTube videos are shared on Twitter every minute,” said Matthew Cooke, CTO and co-founder of Unruly. “Unruly Analytics bridges the gap between the big data deluge and the ability to pull actionable insight from video content tracking. Brands can now benchmark the success of their individual video campaigns or calculate their total share of voice versus their competitors.”

Unruly has tracked more than 329 billion video views.

Marketing Agency Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant

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