Video to Optimize Your Landing Page

Using Video to Optimize Your Landing Page

By Anish Patel, Published November 4, 2013

We have all heard a million times that you only have a few seconds to convert web visitors on your landing page and your landing page needs to have clear navigation and a clear call to action. You want to make it as easy as possible to convert visitors into customers. So then why would you want to ask your visitors to stop for thirty or more seconds to watch a video on your landing page? Well actually, there are many reasons why a video on your landing page can be extremely beneficial in not only increasing your conversion rate but also optimizing your site in search results. And in order to best optimize your homepage, here are some easy ideas you can implement for a successful landing page video.

One of the many advantages to having a video to optimize your landing page is that you can track interaction with clear measurable results. You will know how many people are viewing the video, your peak viewing times, and how many viewers turned into conversions. This information can help you decide what is working and what isn’t on your page. You can also test the video with auto play or manual start, to see which your web visitors prefer. Many people are annoyed with auto-play, so this could increase your conversions by disabling the auto-play function.

Another way to you can optimize your landing page video is to submit a video sitemap to Google. It can be difficult for Google to discover video content on your pages, so you can create an XML video sitemap that tells Google exactly where your video is, along with a good description of the video. After submitting your video sitemap, you can check if it works by going to Google Videos and do a search using “” with no spaces. This will show you how many videos on your website are indexed.

Video is a great way to optimize your landing page only if it loads quickly. One of Google’s newest ranking factors is site speed, or how long it takes to load a page. The faster the pages load, the better the user experience is and this will help decrease bounce rates, regardless if there is video content or not. Evaluate the page speed of your landing page with PageSpeed browser add-on or Google’s Webmaster Tools.

There are many things you can do to help optimize your landing page, but hopefully these tips will help your business take advantage of the ways video content can assist in getting your website found in search engines. Remember to keep video content short, minimize the amount of text, show your product or service in action, and include a call-to-action. Tell viewers what to do next, both on the page and at the end of the video.

What are your tips for using video to optimize your landing page? Share with us in the comments below.

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