Video to Drive Travelers Traffic and Interests

Video to Drive Travelers Traffic and Interests Puerto Vallarta – Riviera Nayarit

Tourism Destinations are implementing video into their strategies.

The shorter the video content as much as possible because people’s attention span got shorter than the focus time.

Tourism destinations and hotels now create short videos to engage their customers, build trust and convert them into visitors.

More videos are being produced than ever before because it is the closest to the “real thing”. It is a clear indicator that the audience prefers video content.

Video Production Puerto Vallarta – Riviera Nayarit

Businesses are adopting video marketing along with the factors that determine the success of video content. Video Boosts Audience.

If you create high-quality, engaging videos, people start watching them. Videos make it easy for potential clients to interact with plain old storytelling.

Potential travelers interact with brands through different marketing channels to build trust, credibility, and gauge if the business can solve their pains. It is their emotions you are after and not a possibility for self-promotion.

Online video consumption has seen an enormous upsurge lies in the emotional aspect of it all. Once you get a key to their heart, they will fall in love with your brand.

Your clients and your brand needs a little more intrigue. It is essential to call-to-action on your videos to help viewers take action.

Readers share videos with their network more than any other content. Videos increase social shares and engage readers with your destination. The most significant advantage of using videos is the capacity of explaining heaps of information in a few seconds.

Video Mobile Users

Repeat clients and potential clients interact with your website through different devices. Once smartphones dominated the gadget market, your regular client started using mobile devices to access the information they want.

As a result, many users will watch videos on their phones. The fact that the screens are getting bigger only encourages their habit. Plus, it is super easy to watch your videos on a mobile phone. Short video ads can stuff more information in, improving the customer retention.

Remember the less-than 10 seconds attention span from the beginning of your video. It goes in line with videos and engagement rates.

Short videos have a high engagement rate. Viewers like and prefer this type of content. 75% of the videos produced should be less than two minutes long. Your videos need to reach the right audience for them to take action. It is essential to ensure you use the right channels for your video strategy. It depends on your travelers demographic, location and customer satisfaction. People will watch videos based on the information they get.

Different videos serve different roles in your tourism market. As a video strategy plan, it is fundamental to create different types of videos. Like: How To find! Videos: Discover popular locations, hotel services, transportation, …..

Destination strive and fight to gain potential travelers attention. The human attention span is decreasing at an alarming rate.

Video marketing is an ever-expanding channel to market your destination.

Looking to create the kind of video that will boost your traffic and visitors?

We provide media solutions for tourism organisations, operators and related businesses looking to harness the power of video, photography and aerial drone imagery. If you need sharp, effective marketing of your region or business, we can help.

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