Video strategy ideas are critical

Video strategy ideas are critical because

These video strategy ideas are critical because they require business people to preside over a process typically owned by video/creative people. Businesses need a new vision for how video will be used. This will drive a new set of requirements that any video strategy must address.

Given this, I would add several recommendations:

1) Video strategy must include an operational execution plan that addresses new requirements for today’s online, digital and content marketing era (blog post)

2) This requires a different process for video (blog post)

3) Create more video content without a camera (blog)

4) Enable custom video assembly by marketers, trainers, sales and even channel partners because they are closest to audiences and best determine relevance, timing, and how to gain attention. (webpage)

Video in the hands of front line business communicators can be a game changer. But to accomplish this requires a rethinking of the entire video process. This should be the focus of today’s video strategies.

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