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We offer a full range of professional services:
1- the narrative script
2- the organization of production
3- Full HD and 4K UHD video recording
4- edition
5- special effects, animations etc

We produce videos for real estate agents, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, tours, attractions, and regions throughout Mexico

How can we help?

Video leaves a more lasting impression on the minds of tourists than any other digital content.

Who is your target audience?
Who is the buyer for? This may be a segment of your typical destination traveler persona.

What is the OBJECTIVE?
Increase brand awareness? Sell ??more event a new product? In short, what do you want your audience to do after watching the video?

Where will the video be used?
Behind a landing page form? Repurposing videos for other channels is great, but you need to start with a destination location in mind where you know your audience will discover the video.

When the deadline?
What is the timeline? A video that you have a few months to work on will have a very different budget and creative scope than a video someone needed yesterday.

What is the budget?
Simply put, video can be expensive. Do your research and set realistic parameters, especially before you dream too much about the next question.

What are the creative requirements?
Do you need a designer to create a lower third chart? Are you going to create an animated video or a live action video?

What will constitute the success of the video?
Choose several KPIs that correspond to your video goals.

Do you have a video project? Here is the quote process:

Do you have a conceptual guide line for the project?
Do you have a script? (Storyboard)
Has there been a market research and a goal for the project?
Where will this production be distributed? Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, email, closed circuit, TV broadcast? Other?
Each distribution medium requires a quality, file size, time restriction, standard format, …
How many versions need to be produced?
What is the schedule for delivery, review and final versions?
Is this project led by your external manufacturing company or is it an internal marketing department?
Or will we be about to develop a markup strategy and a script?
Does the project require models? Will they provide models?
Who will be in charge of the concept, planning, authorization, confirmation of this project?
Who will approve the final project or review or decide to make changes?
Who will be in charge of approving budget Over Run ((usually due to lack of preparation of clients. 99%)
Who will approve changes to the budget if there are changes to the script and content?

Have you contracted other projects with the same objective? Results?
Do you think your budget can achieve your stated goals from the above?

We are a highly experienced talent cooperative and not just outside of the University.
The team is based on the size and needs of the projects.
We have a very low overhead. So that makes us very competitive.

No one can resist a good video, a good sale, a valuable seasonal sale, or a gift certificate.

You may have the best sightseeing video, but if no one sees it, it could also be a book collecting dust on your mantelpiece.

Social media strategy plans help to get a destination in the public eye.

The elements to consider when establishing a successful tourist destination.

Development of a tourism travel video content strategy.
What kind of information will you give? What style of videos are you going to create?
Storytelling. Storytelling. Storytelling.
Do you use a methodology, strategy or just take it out of the hat?
Where will your video content be seen?
Who will oversee the creation of video content?
Remember that video production can take time.
Get an idea of ?? the approximate costs.
Your video performance and any metrics that are important to your goals.
Total number of viewers, new customers from direct leads.


We offer a complete video production service designed to beat your competitors, including:
Full video service from pre-production to image acquisition and in-studio post-production.

Marketing Agency Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant

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