Video most powerful marketing and communication tools

Video – today one of the most powerful marketing and communication tools

In the past video was used in business solely for training purposes. Later, with the advent of digital technology, we were able to combine film and animation effects to create something more appealing and cheaper to produce. This proved to be an extremely effective way of getting across messages to live audiences, not only in training sessions, but also at company conferences, presentations and seminars.

Today, with the huge growth in mobile computers and with faster download speeds, it is possible to stream video direct to laptops, smartphones and tablets, allowing companies and brands to connect with audiences in a far more dynamic and engaging way.

Incorporated into websites, video is far more compelling than static graphics by drawing in and engaging the viewer. Analysis reveals that video appears in over 70% of Google’s search results.* Also, a recent survey has shown that integrated into emails, most people would prefer to watch a video than read text. **

Digital publications, such as magazines and sales brochures, are downloaded as apps and eliminate print and distribution costs. They give the reader a truly interactive experience with extra content, scrolling text, panning images, 3D models, animated graphics as well as video clips. Company reports, distributed as an interactive PDF attached to an email, can include video interviews with key personnel. A recent survey shows that 59% of senior executives prefer to watch a video interview than read an article.***

So now is the time to take the step and consider video as a key element in your marketing and internal communication strategies.

Phil Burrows Commercial Director

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