Video Marketing Works

Why Video Marketing Works

Published January 28, 2014 | By Kevin Haener

Marketers are discovering that video content outperforms other mediums.

Developing your company as a brand is a long and sometimes cumbersome process. While there is no strict blueprint for success there are proven ways to reach a target audience. Companies that produce quality content and promote it in the correct fashion are well on the way to accomplishing their goals.

In today’s world there are plenty of ways to distribute your content. However, video is the medium that has gained traction most rapidly. Over the last couple of years YouTube has become a giant platform for videos of all types. With over 6 billion hours watched every month it’s clear there are eyeballs to be had. So what is it that makes videos such an effective medium?

Engagement and Connections

Two of the most vital aspects of networking and marketing make up the very core of video content. A well-constructed video allows the presenter to convey information both visually and audibly, an optimal mix for human learning habits. Watch in this SciShow video how the presenter mixes these two types of education. Also notice how he adds a bit of entertainment value to the information as well, making it all the more interesting and engaging. We like to look at and listen to other humans, which is why we retain more when taught in this manner.

The SEO Factor

As all marketers know search engine optimization is a very crucial aspect to any marketing campaign. You can help push your content to the top of search results with a tandem of videos and written content. By attaching a video to your blog you will index the content on both YouTube and search engines like Google. Keep in mind that video sites like YouTube have become search engines themselves, and as Google owns YouTube there will likely be some preferential treatment for anything you post there.

Again there is no perfect formula for marketing; your business must employ tactics that work for a particular set of circumstances. If you are interested in learning about how marketing companies produce optimal videos, check back next week. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions about how video marketing can radically improve your brand.

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