Video-Marketing The Benefits To You

Video-Marketing The Benefits To You

Posted on September 25, 2013 by Scott

In a previous post on this subject called “Video Viral Revolution” I discussed video-marketing.

The release of our first short video-marketing production saw a huge jump in visitors to our site, which was very encouraging. We have always believed that a picture paints a thousand words and intend to add not only video-marketing to our YouTube and other social media channels, but instructional videos to our site.

The fact is if you are not yet using video-marketing to draw traffic to your site and get your message across, you could be missing out on a very effective marketing strategy. Video is an enormous and ever growing platform in the online world and recent surveys have revealed that up to 90% of global consumers watch video advertising online.

Since the internet really took hold it seems our attention spans have shortened quite considerably, I know mine has, especially when it comes to researching online what you, or your company can do for me.

If I am faced with a page of text outlining the benefits of using your company, I like many others will quickly switch off and move to a different site. This is especially true, if I have to scroll down the screen in order to keep reading.

It is surprising however just how much information you can cram into a one minute video without boring potential clients. The great thing is you don’t even need to have a person sitting in front of a camera. Add some snappy graphics and some background music and your visitors will be more than happy to stick with you for the minute it takes to get you message across.

Here is an example of a video-marketing solution.

We wanted to inform those estate agents who visit our site of the benefits of advertising their property portfolios with

We needed to tell them, the site is free and there are no listing restrictions, that we include free branding and actively promote their company on our website and through our social media channels. We needed to let them know we have made it simple for them to list their properties by offering a free bulk upload facility. We have to inform them that we include direct links back to their own websites and that we offer free lead generation. They need to know that all leads generated are sent directly to their email address, that leads are never shared with third parties and that they have access to their accounts 24/7. We want them to understand that we advertise on an international scale and that their listings will be exposed to millions of potential customers around the world.

Did you read all that are you bored yet? Then let’s try the same message using video-marketing. Click play, I’ll wait until you have finished.

I think the secret to successful online video-marketing however is to remember that when online consumers look for video content, they’re not actually looking to be marketed to. They want something that adds value, something that either informs or benefits them and if you can accomplish that without forcing a product down their throats, they are more likely to take note of what you have to offer.

With that end in mind, Finders and Sellers will continue to add informative videos to our site. Short clips which outline to our visitors what we have to offer, and video-marketing productions to inform property professionals from around the world, about the benefits of advertising free of charge with

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