Video Marketing Strategy Boosted Sales

Simple Video Marketing Strategy Boosted Sales

Puerto Vallarta Riviera Nayarit Marketing Agency Tourism Hotel Strategy Video Production Consultant

Marketing Agency Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant

By Hugo De Pree At “My Web Presenters LTD”
The Results

Virgin Holidays increased their sales of Upper Class seats by over 28.5% with the help of our Web Presenter video service. This delivers a video overlay onto any web page, enabling a presenter to walk across the page while talking to the website visitor.

The Web Presenter video encouraged Virgin Holidays customers to consider upgrading their flights. In the first three months (May, June and July) sales of Upper Class flights saw an increase of over 28.5% compared to the same period in the previous year.

Humanising the online booking experience

The Web Presenter uses MWP video overlay technology which enables our clients to place any kind of video across their site’s pages – turning a static website into a much more engaging, interactive experience.
A customer booking a Virgin Holidays trip is greeted by Natasha – a professional presenter dressed as a Virgin Holidays Concierge. When they come to confirm their flight options, she appears on their page and suggests they consider an upgrade to their flight.

The focus of the project was to promote Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class cabin which provides the customer with a totally luxurious flying experienceHow to really bring to life this experience? The Web Presenter. When the customer selects the Upper Class button to understand more about the option, Natasha explains what it is like to fly Upper Class against a backdrop of high quality images, and does so in a warm and engaging manner. No-one who watches it will fail to understand what is on offer..

The project was delivered by our partner BroadView, and Virgin Holidays Sales & Distribution Director commented:
“This has proven the value of humanising the online buying experience using video. Instead of being faced with simply a form to complete, or an option to click, our customers are instead able to interact with the Virgin Holidays brand in a more engaging way.”

“At the point of the booking at which customers confirm their flight booking, Natasha ensures they are subtly introduced to the benefits of upgrading to Upper Class in a warm and inspiring manner.”
“The Web Presenter format gives us the chance to make a perfect pitch every time.”
“We are constantly reviewing how to improve the customer experience of booking holidays online. This is an exciting way to use video to achieve that.”


The project won the won the Econsultancy Innovation Award for Video and Rich Media
The Econsultancy citation said “The implementation broke new ground in the use of video to upsell. The campaign generated superb results that Virgin Holidays must be thrilled with.”

See the video here:

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