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By Tony.B aka Mission0ps On January 5, 2014

If you’ve ever asked yourself is video marketing something you should get into – let me answer that for you…

Yes you should, video is something you should seriously consider doing on a regular basis.

But don’t get freaked out when I say that we should be producing video’s. I’m not talking about huge marketing campaigns with big budget and lights. I’m talking about a video channel that you maintain that hosts your videos, YouTube is what I tend to go with however I do have a vimeo channel too.

Why Start Video Marketing

The writing is on the wall, video search is rising at a rate that nothing else can keep up with. My own 9 year old son is using youtube to research how-to play his video games, my buddy Dean is researching how to fit a kitchen worktop and I looked up how to transfer wordpress from MAMP localhost to live server yesterday. Face it we’d rather look listen and learn than read, well most of us would anyway!

I mentioned that it doesn’t have to be big budget, in fact video marketing doesn’t have to be budget at all. I shot the majority of my video with something that we all carry about with us everyday – you guess it didn’t ya? I use my smartphone, I often whip it out at unexpected moments to catch moments where I can use in video marketing. Also I’m a great believer that it doesn’t have to be “a sell” to get the message across… just look at the video below.

That goes to show that you don’t have to be a pro behind or infront of the camera to shoot a video that helps your marketing campaign.

Video Marketing Tools

Like all things it goes a little smoother if you have the right tools – and there are loads of video tools on the market and I’ve bought quite a few of them. Below are a selection of the video tools I use, and what I think of them.

Video Camera

I use my Samsung S2 mobile phone for recording my video’s, and that’s about as standard as you can get with a smartphone. It has a good 8 megapixel camera that has a whole host of features to make recording videos easy like a timer, outdoor visibility, white balance, resolution settings and more. If you take the time to get to know your smartphone you’ll probably worry less about having to use a fancy video camera for shooting great videos.

Screen Recording

Screencast-o-matic is my personal favourite. It’s great for putting together quick 5 to 15 minute video’s. It has a host of effects like zoom and overlays plus you are able to upload your video’s straight from the browser to a very good library of video hosts, including screencast, youtube, vimeo to name a few… And best of all it’s free

Camtasia is the program I use when I need to manipulate a recording a bit. It’s totally comparable with Mac and Windows, has great transitional effects and easily allows you to add logo’s and laters to video’s for great branding. There’s a 30 day trial that allows you to totally use to your hearts content before you have to make a buying decision.

Video Playback

With wordpress you don’t need any software to display video. However there are a variety of tools that allow you to manipulate the video. One of my first purchases and one of the most used is The Traffic Player. It has a host of features inc: easy embed any video type, styling is optimised with 22 skins, Widget support, auto resizing of skins, embedded links, redirects at the end of the video … and all sorts!

Simple Video Pro 2.0 is a new product on the market that does have some awesome never seen by me before features. (PLs don’t get this mixed up with Easy Video Press PRO from JP Schoeffel as that’s absolutely crap!) … As SVP2.0 is by a guy called Nick La Polla who’s coded in play in view which is just plain cool! Video overlays, watermarks, affiliate tools and the developers licence is great if you manage client video.

Then I came accross Custom Video Player and that also looked pretty cool too and with7 days free access I couldn’t resist taking it for a test – I ended up buying it after day 1 of the pre-launch sale for for $47! It is well worth the trial anyway IMO. You can pretty much do everything that’s listed in all of the above except the ‘play in view’ that Simple Video Pro 2.0 has to offer.

Video Tools For Webinars

With the rise and domination of Google+ hangouts as a meeting place – connecting with video to your prospects, customers or clients has never been easier. or more beneficial to a business. Google+ Hangouts recorded that offer good content in the form of training or solutions fixing can set you up for success. Creating a business funnel of cool and creative webinars leaves the door open to opportunity for upsets/memberships affiliate offers or anything else your business requires.

Webinar express provides you with great webinar options, video show templates, thank you pages, the whole lot. And what makes it super cool is that webinar express allows you to run your recorded webinar series from a wordpress installation. There are loads of training video’s in the members area too.

Another plugin that does justice to utilising Google hangouts video capabilities is the Hangout Plugin, however it is a little featured than webinar express but that is reflected in the price tag of only $47. You still get to host webinars will no monthly fees and can easily replay as they are hosted on youtube.

Video Branding Software

Have you seen the video’s with the logo branding and images overlaid onto them? They are one sure fire way to create a great impression if you’re a business owner using video marketing. There’s again a few software programs that help you to achieve that look but the best by far at a reasonable price is VidFX! a jewel of a program available at just $37 that makes that whole process of tarting up your video’s seamlessly simple.

More on Video Marketing

Well there’s loads more on video marketing and I have to say that the WAbinars at wealthy affiliate premium is where I’d advice you to look for more ideas and training on integrating video in your marketing.

These are just a handful of my purchases in the video marketing realm.

What video marketing tools do you use that you’d recommend? Do let me know in the comments below.

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