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A Crash Course in Video Marketing: Make The Most of Your Campaign

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In just about every marketing blog, we are told that we must incorporate short promotional videos within our marketing strategies. While we understand that video offers numerous benefits such as longer engagement times on our websites, not all of us are sure how to promote the videos. Yes, we post them onto social media platforms, but incorporating video into your marketing strategy requires planning to ensure the video content meshes with the broader marketing plan. To get you revved up for your marketing campaign this year, make sure to take our crash course on how to promote online videos – 2014 Edition.

1. Start with a Very Clear Goal

This may sound obvious, but identifying measurable objectives to define the success of an online video is a step that is often overlooked. By setting substantial goals such as, “How many pageviews should the video generate to the website?” or “What will it take to establish an ROI on the campaign?” will give you a baseline for your efforts. Producing a video is an investment, so gauging your success against established targets is vital.

2. Make a Bold Statement in the First Few Seconds

It only takes 10 seconds for a viewer to decide whether or not they want to continue watching your video. That leaves very little time to stimulate your potential customers’ interests. This means that you need to get out the most important details first, enough to make them to want more. Try it for yourself, watch the first 10 seconds of these two videos (below). The first 10 seconds aren’t about closing a sale; they are about convincing the viewer to continue watching. Analyze how they were able to captivate you to watch more. Also, consider the title of your video, as a good title is able to generate more views:

Geico Hump Day Video


3. Collect Feedback

Never just assume that your video is going to captivate your viewers. Feedback is a great tool to ensure that your video has everything it needs (engagement, entertainment, call to action). Make sure to facilitate a feedback session before the end of your video production.

Here are a few effective ways to collect feedback:
Send the video to a select number of viewers in an email campaign, requesting their feedback
Ask Internally – Hold a brainstorm session to get input from your employees.

4. Consider Self-hosting your Video Content

Having video on your website has the potential to generate more website visitors and potentially even more conversions. Hosting your video on YouTube means that it’s YouTube’s property. If your YouTube video went viral, YouTube would rank for it, not your website. Hosting sites such as Wistia offer numerous benefits, such as mobile friendly coding for videos and best of all, built in video SEO capabilities for the ultimate coverage. Don’t know how to optimize your video on Wistia? Use their learning center that features helpful videos to show you how!

5. Blast your Video Out on Social Media

It’s finally time to promote your video which means that you’re ready for social media. There are a lot of useful platforms to use, but the key component is to tailor the video to fit each platform. Create custom tags and titles for each platform. Get creative.

Here are some key suggestions as to how to promote online videos on a variety platforms:

Facebook – Ask users a question or even write a descriptive narrative. There are no character limits on Facebook which enables creativity.
Twitter – Create a custom question or enticing phrase with relevant hashtags.
Pinterest – Snap some screenshot images of your video and create taglines or questions. This will entice viewers to want to see more.
Reddit – Reddit users are particular. The more real you seem as an individual, the greater the engagement. Go ahead and ask them to watch your new video!
Instagram – Similar to Pinterest, snap photos and periodically share them on your Instagram feed. Even take a 16 second snippet of your video and create a teaser.
LinkedIn – Use the groups, find relevant groups and communicate with people within them. Share your video and actively engage with other group members.
Google+ – Post the video onto your company feed and find relevant communities in which to share your video. Be aware that some Google+ communities have posting rules.

After you post your video online, you must monitor viewer’s engagement, such as comments and likes, and shares. Remaining involved in the engagement will help you pinpoint which social networking platform is most effective for your campaign.

6. Send your Video Out in an Email campaign

Email is still a very effective way to communicate with customers or new potential clients. Additionally, including video in email is proven to be more effective. Here’s a great article that tells you how to add video into your email campaign, it’s easier than you thought.

7. Share your Video on Video Directories

Don’t overlook the power of video directories. This is a great way to generate engagement even after your initial video campaign. You’ll be surprised by how effective they can be. Here are a few well-known video directories:

8. Monitor Google Analytics and the Analytics from your Host

You must monitor the engagement. Fortunately most social media platforms offer analytics, but you must look further at your website. You will be able to track if people are staying on your website or even going to the products or sales pages. You are even able to establish conversion goals with social media platforms to know exactly how your efforts generated leads. Here’s a great post on how to measure your social media through Google analytics that gives a thorough rundown for first time analytics users.

Your video marketing strategies include a lot of work to generate success, but it’s worth it. There are always great ways to customize your campaign, but the number one takeaway from our crash course should be that your video’s success depends entirely on your efforts; the more you put in, the better the results.

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