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Video Marketing for Business, Part 4: Landing Pages & Conversions

Marketing Agency Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant

Posted by Michael Fulton

At Polk Three, we’ve put together a series of 8 blog posts on Video Marketing for Businesses and how it’s conquering marketing and marketing best practices. Click here to read Part 3 from our series on The Importance of Sharing its Effect on Branding.

According to EyeView Digital, having a video on a landing page can increase conversion rate by 80%, but how can you achieve this rate? While there’s no golden rule to video landing pages that will grant you the highest conversion rate possible, there are some key options you need to look at and weigh before you make a decision.

Auto-Play Videos vs. Click to Play

While it may be annoying to have a video automatically play at the beginning it can increase conversion rates, but at the same time, it can just as easily drive away traffic because it is annoying. Sometimes a click to play video can be cast aside or not even looked at, if it isn’t presented properly. Try to center the video and draw attention to the fact that it is a video if you are going to use click to play. This will draw a similar amount of people into watching the video compared to auto-play and it won’t drive off users like auto-play.

Calls to Action

A good landing page needs a call to action, plain and simple. However with videos you have more options as to where you can place it. Depending on your marketing needs you could make it permanently visible on the webpage, rather than the video, or you could include it somewhere in the video be it beginning, end, or sprinkled throughout. A good combination is to have a permanent one on the page directly below the video, and then to draw on that call to action in the video.
You can also use directional cues in the video to promote things on your landing page, E.G. the person in the video points to the left to talk about something located on the page, normally your conversion goal.

Video Length

This one is almost totally dependent on the product you are trying to sell. If it’s a simple, low cost product, it can be better to have a shorter commercial, just long enough to demo the product and make your call to action. However, if the product is more sophisticated, or more expensive, it might require a longer video, complete with statistics and benefits to draw in and convert the lead.

While all the optimization of the landing page is great, another contributing factor to a higher conversion rate is the more qualified traffic. Through your keyword research, your well-produced, shareable video, your targeted email campaign, and your well-designed landing page, you are targeting the most informed and interested consumers through your video marketing efforts.

Next week, we’ll be posting Part 5 of our series on Video Marketing for Business, titled The Natural Link Building Effect of Videos. To make sure you don’t miss it, sign up for our email alerts.

Marketing Agency Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant

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