Video Is So Effective Online

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5 Reasons Why Video Is So Effective Online

Marketing Agency Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant

When it comes to growing your brand online, many people opt for all sorts of techniques including content strategy, social media, search engine optimisation, email marketing and video. Which one is this best?

The answer; all of the above, but here is a focus on the effectiveness video has online. Here are some tips on why it can be so influential:

1. Video Uploading – Video strategy has always been around but it has only been over the last decade that it has shown its power. This is because brands are utilising uploading videos as a way to communicate a message visually unlike content, for example. With websites like YouTube, brands have found it easy to access a number of people, quickly and efficiently. With advances in technology and tapeless video, putting your videos onto the internet takes no time at all. A great example of this is a comical advert from Axe, created by

2. Social Media – Social media has been a keen interest for many businesses since the likes of Facebook and Twitter have exploded onto the internet scene, and these websites allow instant sharing, likes and retweets. Snap chat is another social platform that has helped brands to get their name seen by the public. A quick 10 second video can easily showcase your latest offer or a funny clip with some strategic brand placements.

3. Virals – Regardless of whether you have talent or you don’t, creating a video and popping it online is simple. There are so many videos around the web and when one goes viral, it is great for your brand. One simple video can spread like wildfire if enough people catch onto it, so becoming an overnight star has never been easier.

4. Educational Videos – We have seen a recent growth of webinars, explainer videos and informational videos, which allows anyone and everyone to learn a new skill or grow their knowledge without having to leave their home. Anything from learning about online strategy through to learning a new language, it is all available through video.

5. Reach A New Audience – Videos online help to reach an entirely new audience that would not have been reached had you sent out some flyers or had an advert on a billboard for example. This allows people to browse at their own leisure and people you thought might never be a customer, could very well be one. Sure, you can target certain people, but if your video does go viral, you could have a bunch of new customers. You can also use this to your advantage for future videos too. If your audience likes funny videos, continue to do them, if not, don’t.

Video will continue to grow and so could your online presence. It is worth mentioning though that overkill of videos can have the reverse affect, so be unique.

Marketing Agency Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant

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Marketing Agency Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant

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