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Video For Commercials Animated Video Marketing

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There is little doubt that video marketing is having a tremendous impact on internet businesses. However, the problem has been that effective, high quality video is beyond the reach of most small companies.
Thanks to Video Creation however, anyone can have a powerful, highly effective animated video for their website.
Animated Commercials

Animated commercials bring a vibrancy and impact to your sales effort which in turn brings in more customers. Instead of giving a sales pitch to each visitor that comes to your website, provide them with a highly entertaining video. These animated video commercials emphasize the products or services and hold the attention of your audience.
People come to your website in all different stages of sales cycle, so having a few different videos can help motivate them into make a purchase of your goods or services. One of the most effective types of videos is the animated explainer service.
Animated Explainer Service

I love creating videos for my clients and have been working on video production for many years.I have fun with creating these videos because i know my contribution help you to get closer to your goal in your business. Video is great and more effective than text. This animated video helps to explain to your customers what you do and why your business should merit their attention. A single 60 second, high impact HD video currently costs only $41 and brings home all the advantages customers have by purchasing from your business. With a mere 10 lines of script, a powerful animated video can be crafted to promote your business.

Furthermore, you can have a video explainer with voice over to help emphasize all the benefits of purchasing from your business. You can purchase a voice over in a number of different languages from British or American English, French, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish or Chinese.
Digital Media Production Services

There are a number of other videos that Video Creation can craft for your business or personal use. Here are just a few of the many different types that can be created.

For a lesser price, Video Creation can construct a fun, Mission Impossible-type commercial that’s perfect for providing a laugh and lightening the mood. This “get-to-know-me” type of video is a wonderful way to introduce yourself to your new employees or just have fun with the family. All you need is a good photo and a very short script.
If you have a travel business, then a beautiful infographic video can be created. This short, fun video is simple to create, yet provides a great deal of information in a fun, entertaining way.

Infographic videos can also be used for products as well. Animation is the perfect way to present products as well as travel information.

For SEO marketing campaigns where promoting certain keywords and phrases is paramount, Video Creation can craft a professional, highly informative video that will be posted with subscribers and likes to help boost the Google rankings until it is on the first search results page.

The digital media production services provided here can help boost your products, services, job resume and brand for a very low price. Choose the type of animated commercials, video creation, video explainer with voice over and more that best suites your needs.

What makes these animation commercials great for marketing? While a studio production video costs $$$$, animated movie explainers can cost just a small amount of money. Animation videos are rich in graphics and can feature a great voice over. Additionally, Animated commercials are very powerful and land sales.

Important: Please make sure your script has no typo problem. Proofread your script before sending it to me. I do only one time revision. This service is already discounted, other market places charge between $250 to $1000- $3000 ( TV version) for these videos while i am offering at very low price so that everyone will be able to buy it.
Increase Conversion Rates With Explainer Video

I will create an awesome 60 seconds animated commercial movie branded for $41 HD quality
( 45- 60 seconds)

This super charged video is packed with your company’s awesome people, services and products. I will create a video that get you and your business noticed.

I will make a fun mission James Bond 007 animation video intro for $31
You can use this video for fun or a commercial use. Put smile on his or her face. It can be your boss, colleague, classmate, mom, dad, brother, sister, uncle etc. I replace the boss’s picture with your photo.

I need the following:
– A Photo should be 400 X 400 pixels
– A short script. if you do not have a script i use the same in the video

I customize this video intro for your travel business $57 ( 60 seconds HD quality)
I customize this animated infographic video for your business value $500- $1000 you only pay $57 for one minute. If you would like a longer video the pricing will be different.

– Please send me your logo
– 10 lines script
– your URL
I customize this SEO animation for $41 ( max 60 seconds HD quality)
I will make ;this video intro for your SEO and marketing campaigns. Length 60 seconds
turnaround: 2 days

-I need your logo and URL
-10 lines script for 60 seconds video.
Can’t Get A Job Because Of Too Many Applicants?
Do Something Unique!

Introducing: A Job Résumé Video!

Job résumés can be enhanced with a short, entertaining animated video as well. Such videos are tailored to your strengths and create a more favorable impression about your capabilities.
I customize this Résumé video intro for $41

Land a job or impress your colleagues. I customize this video animation for $41
turnaround 3 days

I need script and your logo or picture
turnaround: 3 days
I customize this product presentation infographic video for $41 ( 60 seconds HD)

Please send me 10 lines script, your logo and URL.
turnaround: 2 days.

Marketing Agency Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant

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