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Video Content Strategy for convention & Incentive Groups

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Humor is a great way to lighten the mood of any event.
Comedy are a good fit for many events. A short injection of humor will liven up the mood and possibly even increase engagement.
It can range from the speaker giving a funny anecdote at the start of his talk.
Don’t miss the opportunity to capture and re-use the valuable content presented at your events.

A convention video has one simple goal to get people excited.
The tone and energy of your video set the tone for the entire convention and get your convention video standout, loud, competitive space.

Your video should begin with the most important information in the video.
If you are announcing something NEW? Blast it! Do not waste precious time.

Commit your video with relevant content, people respond.

Event attendees are much more likely to talk about the video, request a copy and even share it.

Your video has one goal, to get people excited, get shared, the entire point of a convention.
Keep the voiceover upbeat!
Keep the wording simple to understand. (no acronims, no inside tecnical jargon)

Your convention video is to get people excited about something NEW or inspiring.

Conventions is a places in the business world where staff, vendors, meet in person.

Make sure that your viewers stays concentrated to your event video by keeping it short and with expectations.

Convention Video & Promotional Videos
Video is a multi-senses medium that enables creative ways to convey messages.

More and more businesses are utilizing video to create Conference and
trade show video, corporate training video, and website video.
Corporate, broadcast, advertising, business, industry, entertainment and more.
We approach every project with one goal…to make Your message unforgettable.
That message involves writing the script, creating the storyboards and preparing the actual shoot.
Post production follows, where the footage, computer graphics, animation,
special effects and music are carefully blended in our editing.

Concept and Script Development
Storyboard Treatments
Location Scouting

Video Production
Video production HD-UHD
Live Event Coverage
Commercial Video Production
Post Production
Digital Editing
Motion Graphics

And we will deliver a hard drive with all your footage.
Videos can convey value proposition more effectively, create credibility and
generate desire for a company’s products or services.

How can we help?

Marketing Agency Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant

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