Video Content Creation for Tourism, Hotels, Real Estate

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Video Content Creation for Tourism, Hotels, Real Estate

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Humans in general are more attracted to visuals things that we can see. Almost 50 percent of our brain is involved in visual processing, and 70 percent of our sensory reports are in our eyes. Plus, people recall 80 percent of what they see and do as opposed to the 20 percent of what they read.

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With video you will be doing much more, since a video is technically a compilation of moving pictures. If you can tell a story of your business with pictures, people are more likely to remember who you are and what you have to offer.

With visuals, you can improve your website traffic by 12%. Aside from scoring you more sales, you can also put ad space on your website, which increased visitors could click on the ads therein, earning you even more.


Can you quantify the impact of your video content on your marketing goals?

If you do not understand the performance of your video assets, you will miss opportunities to do more of what works and less of what does not.

Marketers have pushed the video medium as hard as they could over the last few years.

Content is King

A brand wants to produce a piece of video content. If it does not have internal capabilities. This video lives on YouTube and sometimes is embedded onto a web page.

Video promotion tactics include email shots and promotion via social media activity.

A good video strategy provides the guidance and a framework to create and distribute a powerful piece of content. It will also facilitate measuring the impact of that video.


Objectives like “educate our audience” or “raise awareness” sound valid.

If you can’t measure accurately, then you won’t know if the video was a success.

Video Marketing Strategy.

Content Distribution Essentials That Win Eyeballs. What matters is whether the right people are watching your video content for the right reasons and subsequently taking a desired action.

Use design thinking

Design thinking is a process where you work to understand an audience and how to tailor a solution for them. By answering a few potent questions, you can create something that is going to resonate powerfully – get under the skin of those who matter most to you.

What’s it for? What is the fundamental purpose of your video?

Look at developing areas of the business or your brand’s goals for inspiration. Precision is the start of creating an impact with video.

Who’s it for? If you want to craft a video that is truly powerful to an audience, go deeper. Go specific and narrow. If you can understand the view of your audience in relation to what it is you do, you have a greater chance of making something that means something to them.
Shift Your Thinking to Focus on Your Audience.

Video content gap analysis

Analyze the video content your audience is watching. What are the trends? What’s getting traction? Then look at your video project and consider how you might position it to stand out and relate more closely to your audience.
Analyze your video project; consider how you might position it to relate closely to audience.
Be purposeful with the design of a video so it has the best chance of appealing to and connecting with those who matter most to you.

The correct context

Now that your video has been created, where do you put it for maximum impact? Your website, YouTube, Facebook,Tweeter. Knowing the context or purpose of the video is vital to making the best decision.


The video has been made and you now know the best context for it. What now? Promote your video like a movie distributor. Create content elements to feed core video.
The purpose of each piece of promotional content is to raise awareness of the video being released to motivate people to go and watch it.

Video marketing can be a very effective way in getting your brand name out there and producing better results for your business.

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Marketing Agency Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant

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