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Exploring the video asset lifecycle

Monday, February 17, 2014

As a DAM vendor, we often talk about the “digital asset life cycle,” which is basically the series of stages an asset passes through during its existence. From its genesis, or beginning, all the way through its planning, creation, management, usage, and archive stages, understanding the journey the asset takes will help you understand how DAM affects the asset’s usefulness in many of those stages.

I created a life-cycle map specific to video assets, as they have their own special little twist on the typical digital asset’s life-cycle, like an image or a logo. Watch the video walk-through of the different stages.

Video asset management, or being able to centrally manage your entire library of video files starts by being able to understand the video asset life-cycle. Of course, I’d be remiss if we didn’t suggest the Widen Media Collective as an option for managing your video files.

The Widen Media Collective has a number of features that help manage, protect, and publish what I consider to be the most important and most powerful digital assets in your marketing mix.

Upload video from anywhere
Have a full length preview automatically generated
Cloud-based platform, accessible via web browser for both Mac and PC users
Categorize videos and tag with metadata for pinpoint searching and filtering
Upload one master format and trans-code to other formats on-the-fly
Embed videos from DAM creating a central control point for all videos on your websites and apps
Automatically publish videos to your YouTube channel
Cost effective cloud-based archive storage – no more LTO backup tape
Allow users to create their own clips from a large video with time-code in/out marking and ordering

…and of course, we are adding to these list of features all the time.

Get in touch if you’d like to talk to us about video management or get a closer look at our video asset management demo options.
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