Use Video as an Extension of Social Media

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How to Use Video as an Extension of Social Media

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The ongoing growth and popularity of social media networks is encouraging companies like Facebook and Twitter to expand their capabilities. These networks are making it easier for users to add video to their pages or streams. Improved video capabilities and the growth of online videos is transforming social networks from places for casual chatting to centers for video distribution.

One of the primary reasons for using social media in the first place is to establish and nurture a community of clients and other like-minded folks. Videos help build a feeling of community among consumers faster than other methods. More people are willing to share video content and there is a personal touch gained from authentic videos. Companies who use real employees in their videos help this process along. An overall sense of transparency and connection with a company is more likely to emerge from this process. Let’s explore the primary benefits of using video in conjunction with social media as well as some tactical tips.

The Benefits of Using Video with Social Media Marketing

Videos offer a more personal touch. Companies attempting to build a level of trust with their customers find more success using videos.
Video testimonials garner a better reaction from the public. When a third-party provides a video testimonial, the audience can identify with the person in the video and their experience.
People are more likely to share videos. Content that is more “sharable” helps a company’s message reach more people.
People prefer to watch video rather than read text. An interesting video holds people’s attention longer than text.

So, now that we’ve laid the groundwork with the overall benefits, let’s explore how we can use video to extend the reach from social media.

Marketing Agency Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant

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