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The Ultimate Video Marketing Studio

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By Mitch Solway

It’s great to “talk the video marketing talk” but at the end of the day you’ve got to “walk the video marketing walk”. All of the video conversion strategies and tactics are useless if you’re not creating video. We need the tools to achieve our strategy, at the right price.

Traditionally when you think video the first thought is: a full blown television production studio with cameras costing thousands of dollars, elaborate lighting systems and a complete mobile production studio.

It’s time to unwind our preconceptions and begin to think about online video differently. We all know technology moves fast, if you’ve got a smartphone then you have an HD camera in your pocket. That may not be sufficient for your polished marketing and sales videos.

The actual setup we use to create our videos.

The goal: a mobile video studio that enables us to produce our content without having to outsource to an expensive third party.

To get the low-down on the equipment we decided decided to talk to our resident video guru Blake Smith. You may be surprised at the equipment we use to shoot these videos:

Here’s what Blake put together and what we use here at Vidyard to shoot all of our video. This will get you on your way to building the perfect video marketing studio! [Editor’s note: we’ll be covering simple video shooting techniques in future posts.]

Your Video Studio Checklist

Camera Equipment

Today’s digital SLR are are inexpensive and multi-purpose. You’ll also double up on having a fantastic camera for your other media needs. Some good options for your studio are:

Canon t4i with Kit Lens Only – $799.99

The Canon T4i Digital SLR is loaded with many advanced features. It has a 18MP CMOS sensor, 3″ Vari- angle touchscreen, full HD video recording, and a host of creative options to help you capture every piece of content you’re looking to share.

Canon t4i with Kit Lens and Zoom Lens – $1,049.99

Containing many similar features to the first camera, this Canon EOS Rebel T4i is stacked with the 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II lens. Perfect for those wide-angle shots needed to include items that would, with a standard lens, be left out of the frame.

Tripod with Removable Head – $89.95

If you find yourself having too many cups of coffee throughout the day and can’t keep a steady hand, this next item may be in your best interest! Just kidding, stability and a steady shot is critical to high quality video and this OBEN aluminum tripod pans a full 360°, is supported with leg warmers on two legs to ensure optimal grip in extreme heat or cool conditions, and is complete with a travel bag with a snug secure fit to minimize the chance of damage when transporting to different locations.

Lighting Equipment

Lights (x2) – $179.00 each

Equipped with two lamps and a gooseneck mount, The Flolight FL 100 uses 55W fluorescent lamps which give you a whopping 500W hot light equivalent. Impressed? There’s more. It does this with minimal heat using only 100.6W – in simple terms, you won’t be cooking your talent presented in front of the camera, and you’ll be saving money on kilowatts. Double Whammy.

Lights (x2) – $345.00 each

Horizontal or Vertical? That is the question – With two lamps and two yokes you don’t have to choose, both are possible depending on which you prefer for the setting being shot. One of the main feature which separates this item from the last is the dimmer. Need lower lighting? No problem, with a dimmer ranging from 30-100% on the unit’s side panel or wireless remote you can be sure to get the perfect lighting in your shots.

Light Stands (x2) – $44.99 each

Have you ever had equipment collapse, pinching your fingers or causing harm within your studio? Thanks to the air cushioning of this stand, if you have forgotten to tighten any section with your light mounted, it will slowly descend – eliminating any chance of damage or injury. With it’s compact design, it’s sure to fit in most location cases and become very easy to travel with.

Audio Equipment

Sennheiser Wireless Mic Kit – $629.95

Intended for the all mighty wireless use, these microphones come equipped with a rechargeable battery pack that allows you to charge the batteries while they remain inside the unit. The back lit display allows for easy navigation under the dim lighting coming from your Flolight lamps.

Sony Wireless Mic Kit – $569.00

A Beltpack transmitter, omnidirectional microphone, portable receiver and selectable mic/line input are just some of the performance upgrades found under the robust metal chassis of this wireless lavalier microphone. An LCD screen allows for easy reading on channel frequency, battery life, input/output levels and accumulated operating time. If you’re looking for a mic for interviews and quick run and gun interviews, these are well worth it.

If you look for these items on sale you can expect to spend approximately $1,682.93, if you need these items immediately you should allocate $2,159.88 to your budget. Editor’s Note: prices may vary based on your location.

Do you have some essentials you’d like to add to this video setup list? If you talk about video then we want to talk to you! Send us an email or tweet @Vidyard and we can chat!

Mitch Solway Mitch is the head of Marketing here at Vidyard and loves to help companies grow and customers succeed. http://www.vidyard.com/blog/ultimate-video-marketing-studio/

Marketing Agency Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant promovision@hotmail.com

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