Turn Browsers Into Buyers with Online Video

Four Ways to Turn Browsers Into Buyers with Online Video
By Troy Dreier ⋅ November 29, 2012

If you’re selling products online and not using video to show off your goods, you’re practically throwing money away. According to comScore, shopping site visitors who watch a video are 64 percent more likely to make a purchase than those who don’t.

To help companies use sales videos effectively, the people at online video platform Ooyala have created an excellent white paper on selling with online video. Here are four tips from the white paper:

1. Play Well with Mobile Devices

This is the mobile computing age, and people are using those mobile devices to shop. Tablet computers are especially popular for shopping. In fact, over half of tablet owners say they use their tablets to shop more often than they use their smartphones. If site visitors try to play one of your videos and get a buffering message or — even worse — find that the video won’t play on their device, they’ll get annoyed and look somewhere else. Make sure your videos load quickly, play on all popular mobile platforms, and use adaptive streaming to work over any connection.

2. Be Shareable

Visitors love to share online videos, notes Ooyala, so help them share yours. Put your videos on YouTube, Facebook, and your own site, then us a video management system to track sharing on all those locations. Learn which videos are being shared and you’ll learn what ideas resonate with your customers.

3. Study the Analytics

Choose an online video platform that offers analytics tools so you can see what types of content get the most views. Maybe your viewers prefer short clips over long ones. Maybe they appreciate humor or real-life examples. As your video library grows, you’ll see trends appear. Knowing what viewers like will help you keep them on your site for longer.

4. Add an In-Video Buy Button

If your videos are sales tools, make it easy for viewers to make a purchase. Look for a video platform that lets you add a Buy Now button to your videos. However, be sure that your viewers can hide the button or move it out of the way. You don’t want your helpful button to get in the way of enjoying the videos.

The Ooyala white paper contains eight tips for converting shoppers into buyers, and we’ve only mentioned four of them here. For four more tips and lots more examples, download the free white paper from Ooyala. Registration is required. http://videomind.ooyala.com/whitepapers/8-ways-convert-buyers-online-video http://www.onlinevideo.net/author/troy-dreier/

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