Travel Destination Tourism Board. Now is the right time to make your travel destination video strategy.

Puerto Vallarta Riviera Nayarit Marketing Agency Tourism Hotel Strategy Video Production Consultant

Travel Destination Tourism Board. Now is the right time to make your travel destination video strategy.

Tourism Video Marketing Consultant

Marketing Agency Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant

Key video statistics prove that now is the right time to make your travel destination video strategy.

Benefits of video strategy and current and future video trends. Video content is rampant, and consumption is on the rise.

Video content gets the attention:

Video get 66% more qualified leads per year.
Video achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness.
76.5% of marketers are getting results with video.
94% of travel destinations see video as an effective tool.
79% of consumers prefer watching video to reading about a product.
43% of consumers want to see more video content this year.
50% of 18-34s stop what they are doing to watch a new video by their favorite YouTube creator.
50% of web users look for a video before booking their vacations.
84% of travelers have booke a destination after watching a video.
91% of consumers have watched an explainer video.
83% prefer an informal and chatty tone description..
50% of consumers believe the right length for an informational video is 1 minute.
81% of consumers mute video ads.
85% of Facebook video is watched without the sound turned on.
60% of people prefer watching videos on desktop computers, others suggests that mobile devices rule:
50% of YouTube video consumption is via mobile devices.

90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile devices.
53% of marketers see Instagram videos as important.
90% of Twitter video views happen on mobile.
82% of all consumer web traffic will be video.
64% of the people are more likely to book a destination after watching a video.

Tourism Video Marketing Consultant

The increasing video demand is driven by consumer preferences, video can resonate with your audiences like no written text on a webpage can.

Live video s becoming a part of every social media site. Think of what your users need, put yourself in their shoes and come up with intelligent offers for them.

Videos on Twitter is 6x as likely to be retweeted as photos.
Facebook is one of the main places where small consumers share video content. Many tourism destinations say YouTube will be their main video sharing platform in the next year.

Consumers Prefer Video. Video statistics suggest that video will be a great way to grow your customer base, the need for a video strategy for tourism destinations now and for the future.

Types of video content strategy may be used include:
Vlogs (video blogs)
Video interviews
Tutorial videos
Videos of presentations
Video testimonials
Recordings of live streams
Video travel guides
Hotel in-house

Converting existing text content and creating new video content is no longer the massive undertaking it used to be.

Consumers today prefer authentic, useful information over high-production glitz and polish.

With the Shorter consumer attention spans, you get greater retention with video.

A video content can be repurposed and redistributed to extend the longevity of the content.

Tourism Video Marketing Consultant

You can incorporate video strategies into your content plans and you will have an advantage over your competition, will absolutely exceed the expectations of your consumers.

Create Engaging Content! Make a Series?

During lock-down, your videos can work as a leading to freedom.

Choosing A Video Production Company

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Tourism Video Marketing Consultant

Tourism Video Marketing Consultant

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Tourism Video Marketing Consultant

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