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How to integrate videos in your marketing plan?

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The medium of video offers a compelling ROI and is becoming increasingly important when communicating to your audiences. It is now an essential sales tool. Here are some ways to integrate videos into your marketing plan.

Website – Look at the content on your current site. Could it be replaced with a video that accurately displays the features and shows it in action? Sometimes a well-executed video can offer ten times the value than a regular product description can. Videos are easy to integrate onto your site. Simply upload the content to a video streaming provider and then embed it on your website.

Sales collateral – Update your current presentations to include a video. Not only does this give the salesperson a break when pitching, it will also engage your prospects more and ensure that your presentation is exciting and memorable.

Internal marketing – Why not look at incorporating video into your internal marketing
communications? A video blog (vblog) is an engaging and highly effective way of communicating to your team about current marketing activity.

Paid campaigns – Adding a video with a clear product or service demonstration to a paid search campaign landing page can go a long way to help convert visitors that have clicked through from a paid advert.

Email campaigns – Videos have a high click through rate and are a fantastic sales accompaniment to use as part of an email campaign. The use of a video sharing solution also makes it easy to email the video to your subscribers or embed it on to a landing page.

PR – In the last several years we have seen a significant increase in online customer review sites and how these can impact on your bottom line. Rates of advocacy and customer testimonials have never been so important. A video case study is a highly interactive way of conveying a message to your target audience of how your product / service helps customers overcome particular challenges.

Social media – Social media is all about sharing news and ideas. A popular video platform such as makes it easy to share content to different social networks. In a crowded market with people vying for attention on popular platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, a creative video offers you the opportunity to stand out from the rest.

Tip: Conduct an audit of your existing collateral

As a first step it is advisable to audit your current marketing activities and make a list of all existing collateral. After this assessment you should have a good idea of where the use of video would be better used.

Tip: Enlist in a video encoding solution

One final tip is to select a video encoding solution to help optimise the videos for the different devices and ensure the quality is never compromised. With consumers watching videos on smartphones, tablets, smart tv’s and desktops it is important that it renders correctly and always offers a good viewing experience (regardless of the device used).

Marketing Agency Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant

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