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Tyler Pyburn Featured My5: Tips on Online Video

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by Jennifer Videtta

Online video is increasingly becoming one of the most popular forms of content consumption for consumers. Television shows are downloaded and streamed online, large companies feature introductory videos and product demonstration videos on their websites, and amusing videos go viral with millions of YouTube hits.

According to the Social Times, 182 million viewers watched 456.6 million content videos in 2012, and the numbers are only expected to grow through 2013. Many companies, however, continue to struggle with their online videos. While the content creation, production and outpost seems daunting and costly, marketers recognize the need to create video content to stay in line with competitors. One looming question facing marketers and digital media producers remains: how can they prove a return on their investment for their video production?

Tyler Pyburn of The Pulse Network has been working with online video – from everything from production to output – at TPN and has witnessed first-hand the dynamic shifts in the digital media industry. While Internet trends come and go, online video is something that consumers not only search for, but prefer. Having a strong online video presence lends significant credibility to your company.

Watch Tyler’s Top 5 Tips on Online Video:

Online video does not need to be a costly marketing project for your company. By following Tyler’s advice, videos can be a significant source of lead generation with proper implementation. Be patient, however. Building content on a YouTube channel and other video platforms will take time, as will growing your audience. But don’t be surprised when you reach your threshold of average viewers and new subscribers notice an increase in traffic from your videos.

Key Takeaways:

1. Use Multiple Formats

One, long video can be chopped into several smaller videos, clips and teasers that can be shared across multiple digital platforms. Knowing who your audience is on these specific platforms is important to ensure that you are accurately targeting your users, so be aware of the type of content going on each platform.

2. Annotate Your Videos

Video annotations are essential – especially on YouTube. Annotations provide an innovative means of adding interactive and engaging content to your video, including a space to provide links to YouTube playlists, relevant articles, and drive traffic to your website.

3. Calls to Action

The Call to Action is one of the most important tools marketers can use to increase lead generation as well as increase traffic to your site. Many videos only include a Call to Action at the end of their video – but, as Tyler points out, when was the last time you watched a video all the way through to the end? Place multiple Calls to Action throughout your video and increase your audiences’ responses.

4. Subscribers

While the number of views each video or your channel generates is important, pay attention to the number of subscribers your channel has. Specifically on YouTube, your videos are directly found by your subscribers. Tapping into this audience is like an organic email marketing campaign every time your subscribers log in. The more subscribers you have, the more views you receive. And the more views you have, the more effective your online video channel is as a means of lead generation.

5. Syndication

Video syndication is a powerful tactic for marketers. By increasing the number of places where your video is published – through relationships with trade publications, other blogs and even through Twitter, your audience’s perception of your company and your credibility is enhanced. Earned syndication may be difficult and might take a long time to achieve, but once you get there, it will certainly pay off.

Feel free to Tweet to Tyler, @ThePulse and join the conversation with Tyler and other digital marketers using #My5.

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Marketing Agency Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant

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