Tips for Online Video Marketing

Key Tips for Online Video Marketing

By Rachel Perez September 26, 2013

In the past decade, there have been enormous strides in the internet community. Social media sites, YouTube, and instant communication has shifted the traditional views of successful marketing tactics. YouTube, in particular, was created in 2005 and has become a giant and leader in the video sharing market. Its enormous success has caused people to reevaluate how marketing is done and the endless options that lay before us. Online video marketing has become the leader in marketing practices and for good reason too. According to research conducted by Nate Elliot at Forrestor, videos are 50 percent more likely to rank on the first page of search results on Google, a much sought after spot. Video is the perfect option for businesses, information can be transferred creatively and in bulk while still proven to show higher retention rates among viewers.

Online Video Marketing is not just about the videos though. Along with the production, content, and execution of your video, execute SEO best practices to maximize your video’s audience. This can prove to be harder than initially thought with the advances and increasing number of social media sites. Creative, engaging videos can be executed through unique, well-written content and SEO options are available to widen your video’s reach. The options and ideas are endless so we compiled a list of ten key tips for successful online video marketing.

1. Exceptional Content

Provide exceptional content in your videos. Utilize the opportunities that video production can hold; educate consumers, train employees, or promote products. The options are endless when it comes to video. Create unique and engaging content to attract viewers and provide them with an informative experience.

2. Video Quality

Production quality is the key to a well-received video. The video’s quality is the first thing that the viewer sees and a grainy or pixelated image can lead to immediate assumptions. Eliminate uncertainty with a professional and superior team who knows video production practices inside and out.

3. Narration

Narrate your video to cushion the content and create a solid guide throughout your video. Narration is an excellent tool to drive your video and increase retention rates among your viewers.

4. Length

3-5 minutes is the golden rule when it comes to online video marketing. Anything past five minutes may deter viewers and cause them to stop the video altogether. 3-5 minutes should be ample time to relay the information effectively and engagingly.

5. Introduction

Welcome existing and potential customers! Videos are an excellent way to introduce your business to the community and create an image for yourself. Provide a brief history of your company, employees, and your functions.

6. Education

Videos are most sought after because they can relay loads of information in a small amount of time, ideal for on-the-go consumers. Whether audibly or visually, educate viewers with quality content at an engaging pace.

7. Title

The first impression of your video is the title. Keep it fun and eye-catching, incorporate keywords for accessibility, and think of creative ways to draw the attention of potential viewers.

8. Sitemaps

Don’t forget to add your sitemap to Google. By doing so, search engines can easily retrieve your video and site to catalogue it accordingly.

9. Keywords

Use specific keywords and tags for accessibility. Keep your target market in mind and use concise, relevant keywords to attract your viewers.

10. Share!

Share, share, share your video! Embed your video on your website, link it on your social media sites, and share it with your family and friends. Create a buzz and give others the opportunity to watch and share your videos.

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