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Video influences 76 percent of travelers in Asia Pacific

October 25, 2013

Half of travelers in Asia Pacific use videos in the research process, and videos have an even greater impact on decision-making in emerging markets than mature markets, according to Google’s Travel Study insights.

Overall, video influence 76 per cent of travelers in Asia Pacific while they are making decisions on accommodation. Meanwhile, 40 per cent use mobile to research hotels and share experiences of their last trip online, while 80 per cent search hotels online and half actually book trips through the internet.

The study is based on a survey conducted in May with 1009 travellers aged 18 to 65 across 11 markets: Japan, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Thailand and the Philippines.

The research showed that many travellers in Asia Pacific plan trips exclusively online, including 57 per cent in Japan, 42 per cent in Australia, 14 per cent in Indonesia and 12 per cent in India.

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