Storytelling for destinations. Memorable stories enriches the experience and engagement.

Storytelling for destinations. Memorable stories enriches the experience and engagement.

People with intriguing perspectives, and memorable events – storytelling for tourism destinations is about promoting travel experiences in a destination.

Your destination already has great stories, or elements of great stories: the people, communities, food, nature – are the sources of your story ideas.

Storytelling is probably best defined or understood through the impacts that it makes and the impressions it leaves.

Anthony Bourdain “The Story Teller”

When it comes to travel storytelling, a picture is a powerful tool that can sometimes convey so much more than words can. As described in this excellent piece on visual storytelling, well captured images add meaning to the viewer’s experience, and portray intriguing stories. n a similar way, videos can be a great addition to your storytelling toolbox.

If you can allow the viewer to project him or herself into a mental state of experiencing the destination and having a positive reaction, it can go a long way toward convincing them that they should take the next step toward having it.

Travelers are looking for authentic local experiences in the destinations and communities they visit, and this naturally translates to the type of stories that resonate with those travelers. Your stories should represent that you are promoting authentic experiences that resonate with travelers and respect the locals.The power of stories to transform into multiple stories about the beauty and cultures of Mexico.

Effective and responsible storytelling is sharing experiences that appeal to emotions. “Make it about a feeling, a story, and people will watch”

Multimedia storytelling incorporating visual elements such as photos and videos is a great tool for personalizing travel experiences, and sharing your destination’s stories without limiting travelers’ imaginations by defining their experience for them, but rather helping them discover their own stories of travel experiences in your destination.

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Good stories can help people feel as though they’re sharing your experience in person, and this offers your destination an exciting opportunity to differentiate your stories from other destinations’. Make your stories about much more than just a list of must-do highlights; share emotions and feelings to help travelers build deeper connections with the people and places in your destinations.

The beauty of video is that the visual narrative instantly evokes emotion, allowing each viewer to make their own interpretation and connection with what they see. The sounds of the birds chirping, water rippling, and mesmerising melody, mirrored by subtle movement and stunning visual imagery provides a real feast for your senses. Whether it’s 10 seconds long or 3 minutes, the story needs to not only have a narrative and strong messaging, but it needs to appeal to all the senses which prompts an emotional response.

Creative storytelling offers multiple benefits for tourism destination development, such improving the destination image, competitiveness and sustainability.

We provide media solutions for tourism organisations, operators and related businesses looking to harness the power of video, photography and aerial drone imagery. If you need sharp, effective marketing of your region or business, we can help.

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