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Social Video Marketing – Why It Matters More Than You Realize

Posted by Joyce C. Abaño

How do you integrate Social Video Marketing into your social media marketing campaigns?

The future of Social Media is veering toward Social Video Marketing! Online video services have grown incredibly popular over the past few years and it is predicted that it will grow even more popular in the coming years – more popular than any other type of consumer service offering. Youtube, for example, is already the most commonly used search tool in use today after Google.

Cisco’s recent Visual Networking Index Forecast showed online video services had around 1 billion users worldwide in 2012 but estimated the number will double by 2017, reaching close to 2 billion users worldwide. This means that 81 percent of Internet users worldwide will be using online video services in just three years’ time.

With the figures presented, it will only be a matter of time before video content becomes a standard for all social media channels. The one thing marketers have learned with the advent of social media is: Most online consumers want content delivered to them in the easiest, fastest way possible, and video is often the best way to do this.

More and more businesses are now using different video hosting sites to deliver video content to their target audience, and integrating them with their social media publishing. The most popular sites in terms of Social Video Marketing are: YouTube, Vine and Instagram.


YouTube is the most popular video sharing site with over 1 billion monthly users. And, when used strategically, YouTube can realistically be designed to generate leads for your business. Videos of any length posted on this site can also be very easily embedded on your own website without issue.

YouTube is a great way to show online viewers what your business does. You can even position yourself as a reliable and demonstrably capable expert in your field. Adding this “seeing is believing” element to your marketing efforts elevates your credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of your target audience to almost the same extent as “word of mouth” referrals. In this sense it can be a highly desirable marketing platform.


Owned by Twitter, this new application allows you to shoot and share 6-second looping clips that can be as informative or as creative as possible – delivered to online users in the quickest possible way. Because of its design and easy functionality, Vine has captured the attention of online users. In its first three weeks of release it had over 100,000 videos posted in a single weekend. More and more businesses are now using Vine to market their products! The same principles that Twitter espouses, that of immediacy and brevity, are key to Vine. People won’t be going to Vine to watch a replay of a football game for example but they might go to Vine to see an immediate replay of a goal as captured by someone physically at the game.


This picture-sharing site, owned by Facebook, has added a video feature that allows users to shoot and share up to 15 seconds of video clips. Instagram offers its users the ability to edit/delete a segment from their video, which is quite different from Vine as users need to delete the entire clip and start over. It also has a unique set of custom photo filters in the video tool that allows users to add a filter to their video. An Instagram video, however, cannot be embedded on Twitter. You can only display a link.

TIPS On How To Promote Your Brand Through Social Video Marketing:

1. Be original. Show your company’s uniqueness through videos. Remember the phrase “seeing is believing” so demonstrating what you do helps the viewer instantly understand your competence and professionalism in the solutions you promote.

2. Display yourself as an expert in your field by featuring data or the latest statistics, or you can create a Frequently Asked Questions video – people love this.

3. Show your personality through your clips and share your company’s story to your target audience. This is also one way of “humanizing” your organization. And yes, you can do it even through a 6-second video – if you’re creative and imaginative enough.

4. Promote a special offer or important event.

5. Make sure your clips are visually appealing.

6. Don’t bore your target audience by showcasing the same video clip over and over. Share new content as often as you can!

7. And, of course, don’t forget to use #hashtags!

8. You don’t have to rely upon professionally created videos either. A number of people have created incredible videos using smartphones over the years and some of those have attracted the attention of thousands of online users. Their secret? They shared videos that people can connect with. So why don’t you do that with your organization? Create videos which people can connect with your brand and your vision.

Integrating videos in your social media marketing campaigns can be time-consuming and overwhelming. And that’s what we’re here for. If you are at a loss as to what to do next, contact us! Your Social Village has a team of social media consultants who are EXPERTS in the field of social media marketing! Let us help you grow your business on social media. Call us now!

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