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Tourism Video Marketing Consultant

Marketing Agency Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant

Social Media Network is a business built around relationships. Video is the perfect way to bridge conversations when you are promoting online.

Social Media Video know, like, and trust faster than any other broadcasting platform.

Pople love video.

It is easily and effortlessly consumed
You can see things demonstrated in real time
It educates and entertains us
It feeds both our visual and auditory senses
When done right, it pulls us into decision
71% of people online watch videos
80% of online traffic will be video traffic.
5 Billion videos are watched on youtube every day
YouTube is the #2 Search Engine Online
90,000 searches per month, with over 15,000,000 results!
400% More Engagement on Facebook Than Text Alone

Video Content is Redefining the Standards of the Customer Experience

Social Media video is also beneficial for building a social presence and ranking well on the Search Engine Results. Consumers prefer video over text articles and blog posts.

Video content needs to serve a purpose. Videos needs to be an emotional interest that resonates with potential customers on a personal level and clearly provides something beneficial.

Consumers will rather watch a quick video than read an article when they are searching for information, instructions or solutions.

Tourism Video Marketing Consultant

You need to know in your creating video content:

Who is this video for?
What do I want them to know or learn?
What do I want them to feel?
What do I want them to do?
What can I say or show that will achieve this?

One powerful psychological trigger that many marketers try to use is emotion, to make customers feel welcomed. A great way to create a lasting impact on your customers is through video storytelling.

Quality videos plays a role in how video content is ranked. Search engines rank high-definition videos above others. Quality of the video will have a direct link to the customer experience, another factor that search engines certainly take into consideration.

Where the bulk of your target viewers consume video content, that perform best on each channel. Video is one of the best ways to engage an audience. People tend to enjoy watching videos, no matter the length.

Stories make for better marketing because they elicit emotion. You have to know and understand what story you want to tell, keep it short and simple, keep the audience with a short attention span engaged. A great story can communicate the entire character of a brand in less than three minutes, and clever stories can help you become especially persuasive.

Video has become especially valuable to data-driven and you can track and measure audience engagement for video in a meaningful way. Video helps improve your website’s ranking on search engine results pages. The amount of time a visitor spends on your page after arriving from a Google search can impact how high you appear in results.

People say that video content is taking over. Users want to see videos more than any other type of content, and video is projected to take up more than 80% of internet traffic this year alone.

Choosing A Video Production Company

More from: PromovisionPV is a convenient and affordable marketing and publicity service that is dedicated to helping maximize their distinctive potential. Our services include photography, video production, online marketing.

We produce videos for Realtors, hotels, Hospitals, restaurants, tours, attractions and regions throughout the Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit.

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Tourism Video Marketing Consultant

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