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45.4% of us view at least one video online per month and 100 million of us view videos on the net once a day.
90% of online shoppers say that videos are helpful when it comes to making decisions.

90% of Corporate Video Productions FAILS!

Marketing Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant

Video is flexible and versatile and these days, you don’t even need a fully-fledged studio to help you to produce a video.

Video Increases Engagement

Capture the attention quickly when using video, increases engagement over written pieces. Facebook video should always be part of your content marketing strategy. Look carefully at the types of video that perform the best and adjust as necessary. Now days You do not have to spend as much to create something polished and highly engaging.

Video Converts
The beauty of video is that it prompts instant engagement.

Video create trust as well as engagement.
Video should grab the attention within around 8 seconds.
It is important that you tell a story in which you appeal to the emotions immediately. Then retain the viewer’s attention with something that’s fun and informative. Video into your marketing plan, it is definitely worth it.

YouTube generates 17% of Smartphone Traffic.
It is a must channel strategy for many small businesses.
You are creating intellectual property that will be archived on the web for a long time. Be smart!

Start Your Video Content

Marketing Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant

Video sharing site having been called the second most popular search engine. The potential audience for video-based social sharing, have begun to find ways to use video as part of their content plan. Creating professional-quality videos is not an easy task for an amateur videographer.

Making a Corporate Video Content Creation
Video is a great way to connect with consumers.

Define your audience first.
Communicating your uniqueness to a very specific audience.
You have to ensure that your message is tailored to the specific concerns of a very well defined audience.

Tell a great story that makes an emotional connection. Our conscious mind would like us to believe that we make rational decisions. Our sub-conscious mind knows better. Virtually all purchase decisions are emotional decisions. Most corporate video productions today are recitations of facts, features and benefits. Most viewers never get to the end of these videos.
If you want your viewer to watch and remember your message then you have to connect with them on an emotional level.

Show me, don’t tell me.

Video is by far the fastest growing marketing tactic in use today because it informs and persuades better than any other media type.
Video is a visceral experience that engages the audience both visually and orally. Video is the best means of conveying a great deal of information quickly to an attention-deficit plagued audience.

There is no sale more aspirational today than luxury real estate.
When selling luxury homes you are not just selling features and address, you are selling a lifestyle.

Showcase lifestyle with people and tell a story.

Your customer is the focus.
Your customer wants to know how you can solve their problems.

Why should I care about you when I have a huge number of undifferentiated options in front of me? This never really

There is no better time to introduce a video campaign to inspire customers.

Choosing A Video Production Company

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Marketing Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant

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