Reasons to add video to your marketing strategy

Top reasons to add video to your marketing strategy

Posted on May 29, 2013 by James Murphy

You’ve probably already noticed how video is taking over the internet. With YouTube ranking as the second largest search engine, it’s crucial to make sure your brand has a presence on the site. Not to mention how prominently videos feature on social networks – Twitter, for example, will expand videos from YouTube and Vimeo in users’ timelines, making it much easier for users to consume your content than having to click out of Twitter to your website.

So you know that your brand needs to get in on the act with video as part of your marketing strategy, but how? Here are our seven steps to video heaven:

Tell a story. To engage your audience you’re going to need a narrative, so take the script seriously and don’t ask the intern to do it on their lunch break.

Keep it short. This isn’t the time for your Wagnerian meisterwerk. So whatever you write, cut it in half. And then take out the adjectives. 60 seconds is okay; 30 seconds is even better.

Punch anyone who suggests you make the film in Flash. There’s no magic bullet file format but H264 seems the best compressor and will cover over 90% of devices people are likely to use.

Make it mobile friendly. Remember that people will be watching on tablets, on phones and on the hoof so kill the tiddly text and fiddly stuff.

Don’t forget the audio. Invest in a professional voiceover, music and sound design. There’s nothing worse than having slick pics let down by scratchy sound you recorded in a wind-tunnel.

Place it and promote it. You’ve made a kick-ass film so give it some real estate on your home page, above the fold. Have a plan of how you’re going to use it on your social channels. And use a good thumbnail to get the punters clicking and sharing.

Most importantly, get a proper graphics company to put it all together for you – Breakfast of Champions, for instance!

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