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5 Reasons to Power Up Online Video Marketing

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by Rebekah Radice

Video is an increasingly important medium to add to your online marketing arsenal.

With more than 1 billion unique visitors frequenting YouTube each month, and over 6 billion (yes billion…not million) hours of video watched online each month, video marketing is well worth the effort.

In fact, with statistics like that, the question should not be whether or not you will add video to your online marketing, but how quickly you can put a plan in place to leverage this opportunity in your business.

Below are five reasons to power up your online video marketing skills, including tips on how to stop procrastinating, and get on camera in 2014!

5 Reasons to Use Video Marketing

1. According to a survey by ComScore, websites that include video hold the attention of viewers a full two minutes longer than a text based website.

Including video on your website does not mean you need to spend an inordinate amount of time prepping or a ridiculous amount of money on the tools of the trade.

Put a simple script together, create your short video (2 minutes or less), add it to YouTube, and then embed it on your website. Repurpose that content into quick social media tips and an additional post to your blog.

Voila! You now have multiple uses for your new content.

2. Communication studies show us that we remember 10 percent of what we read, 20 percent of what we hear, 30 percent of what we see, and a whopping 95 percent of what we are taught.

Lead the way by getting your smiling face in front of a crowd by offering your advice in short, timely, and content-rich tips.

3. Video is a very personal experience. You give the viewer the opportunity to hear and see you; providing insight into who you are beyond a blog article or social media post.

Videos can convey а significant amount оf information іn а short amount of time. They are a quick and convenient way for your online audience to connect and engage with your personal brand.

4. Video ads accounted for 31 percent of all videos viewed and 3 percent of all minutes spent viewing video online.

5. Short, informative videos can create trust, improve personal brand awareness, and move consumers through the marketing funnel at a faster rate.

According to an online study, consumers who watched an online video ad were 17 percent more likely to purchase. Of those, 57 percent said they were far more confident about their purchase after watching a product video.

Whаt саn wе take away from these stats? Video marketing іѕ here to stay and quickly becoming a tool your business cannot afford to overlook.

When used in conjunction with a consistent content and social media marketing strategy, video can be a cost-effective way to boost your online results and engage a larger audience. I

After all, what business marketer doesn’t wаnt а larger, mоrе engaged customer base?

Rebekah Radice
CEO and Founder at Rebekah Radice, LLC
Rebekah is the CEO of Rebekah Radice LLC, a digital marketing agency assisting business owners in the creation and execution of an integrated online strategy.Rebekah has been actively involved in the marketing industry for over 17 years and is eager to put her experience, innovative ideas and keen sense of “what works,” to work for you!
http://www.rebekahradice.com/ http://www.steamfeed.com/5-reasons-power-online-video-marketing/

Marketing Agency Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant promovision@hotmail.com

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