Power of Video Tourism & Hotel Promotional Campaign

Power of Video Tourism & Hotel Promotional Campaign!

You are having trouble standing out from the rest of the world Internet! Then it may be because you are not using video. Every business wants more profit and with millions of businesses online, you need to stand out and motivate your customers.

Nothing speaks louder than a well prepared video message to reach your target market.

Video gets more web traffic than anything else.
Video is the most persuasive medium on earth.

The attention span of people browsing your website is short. Consumers who view videos on websites are 64% more likely to buy something from the site, and they also tend to spend more time on webpages per visit. Additionally, 96% of shoppers who make online purchases have watched online video before. For advertisers, online video is also able to influence shoppers’ buying decisions. According to comScore, 63% of total U.S. internet users are reached by video advertising. These consumers account for 83% of online sales, making them highly valuable targets. Because target audiences have a really short attention span they will respond really well to a dynamic message about your business.

Internet video has joined search engine marketing as a pillar of any effective marketing effort. Currently there are over 26 BILLION videos viewed per month in the United States alone. YouTube is now the #2 search engine on the internet and if you use it, you’ll be ahead of the curve. You can submit your videos to over 50 online video sharing sites, podcasting directories, and social bookmarking sites. Imagine you can run infomercials 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tourism & Hotel Benefits of Video Production

Visibility is absolutely crucial to the travel industry if a hotel really wants to get its messages across to as wide an audience as possible, video needs to be an integral component of its strategy or it will struggle to get noticed online and soon find themselves behind the competition.

Video is the perfect medium to deliver this information because it allows potential guests to view a hotel’s rooms and facilities in action, providing much greater insight than still photos and / or static text, greatly increasing the possibility of a booking. Video marketing is up and coming, so you better use it to your advantage.

Videos displaying hotel accommodation and facilities
Videos highlighting conference meeting rooms
Videos showcasing wedding reception venues
Videos promoting events held at the hotel
Videos about the location or local tourist attractions
Videos interviewing a selection of hotel staff members
Video testimonials or reviews

We recommend that you integrate your destination & hotel video on the homepage of your website and include it in as many of your marketing activities as possible: Email marketing campaigns, Newsletters and company bulletins, video podcasts. Videos can be repurposed and propagated online, driving highly-targeted traffic to a hotel’s website.

Videos are incredibly versatile and therefore highly cost-effective. Videos can be streamed online, included on e-mail signatures, used in one-on-one meetings or at large scale events. The right video can serve a hotel’s needs for a long period of time and the footage can also be easily re-edited for use in future productions.

Free hosting websites continue to emerge and when used in tandem with these sites, videos can become even more powerful marketing tools. The viral potential of videos means that information can be distributed much quicker and much farther than conventional methods.

Some of the main video hosting sites include:
and many other hotel video websites

We produce videos for hotels, restaurants, tours, attractions and regions throughout the Bay of Banderas and Riviera Nayarit.

How can we help? promovision@hotmail.com

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