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Online Video Marketing Strategies: Your Road MAP for Success

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Video has infiltrated every aspect of our lives – our homes through television and computers, our mobile phones, airplanes and airports, our cars, you can even view video while standing in line at the grocery store, or pumping gas at the gas station. It’s predicted by Cisco, that by the year 2014 ninety percent of all internet traffic will be video, which means if your website doesn’t have video, it won’t be relevant to most internet users. It was only just a couple of years ago that most people felt that using video was something trendy to do. Now, it’s necessary to do.

So where do you start? With the end in mind. Before you start shooting, focus first on strategy. This can save you money and time (which is also money) and help guarantee a favorable return on your video marketing investment. In this video, I give a basic overview of how to start creating a video road MAP (marketing action plan.),

A few other tips

MAP out your strategy for an entire year. You may feel tempted to create that one video that you will spend all of your time and energy on making and then promoting – hoping it will go viral, but the truly successful video marketing campaigns that will work for you are the ones where video content is created and uploaded on a consistent basis. Planning this before you get going can help you reach your goals in a more direct way.

During your marketing strategy development, discover the keywords that are going to attract your ideal client. I use the Google Keyword Tool. Using these keywords in your titles, content and tags on your videos will help your videos become more discoverable and drive more traffic to your websites.

Don’t get caught up in the details of how you are going to make your videos. During this strategic planning time, you don’t need to worry about camera’s, software, or technical know-how.

Remember that content is key. If you are offering your viewers really valuable and useful information, your videos will be successful.

Leverage YouTube to publish content and drive traffic to your website. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, which means people are looking for you and/or your business on YouTube, and seeing video answers. YouTube videos are also the most ‘liked,’ commented on, and shared content on Facebook. However, you can’t be found on YouTube without a video. With the new channel layout and ability to add a channel video trailer, it’s better than ever before for branding you and your business (see recent blog article: YouTube Layout Changes Again. Here’s The Skinny.)

Once your plan is mapped out, you will find that making your videos and creating valuable content that is released strategically will be easier and result in more website traffic and higher conversion into sales. Here’s to your video marketing success!

Marketing Agency Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant

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