Online video consumption continues to explode

Puerto Vallarta Riviera Nayarit Marketing Agency Tourism Hotel Strategy Video Production Consultant

Marketing Agency Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant

Online video consumption continues to explode

Online video consumption continues to explode in popularity. Alone, the top five distribution channels, such as YouTube, Facebook, Tweeter and Instagram respective networks can provide a powerful platform for branding your business.

However, it bears remembering that the numbers can tell a confusing tale. While several clients we consult with boast online channels featuring seven-figure play counts, many still struggle to crack the six-figure subscriber mark, and still more to define actual ROI from these efforts. Having personally created video programs that have clocked from 5,000 to 1 million-plus views, here’s the dirty secret content creators won’t always tell you. Just because you can attract a significant online audience doesn’t mean it’s simple to mobilize or monetize.

Still, for entrepreneurs looking to successfully brand ventures, or message products and services, short-form film content can be a tremendously cost-effective way to connect with viewers. Here’s what you need to know to craft an effective online video strategy:

Focus on Content, Not Special Effects: While lighting and audio quality must be professional, authenticity and value matter more on the Web than Hollywood-grade production budgets. Affordable pocket digital cameras by Panasonic, Samsung and more can help you capture high-definition product shots, testimonials and events at minimal expense. Some smartphones such as the iPhone 4S are likewise suitable for filming social media-friendly pieces. Note that brand-name businesses’ natural inclination is to focus on premium, professionally-produced material. On the Internet, where viewers expect rawer, more organic dialogue, realize that the value of clips is derived more from actual video content, and information contained within, than surrounding gloss.

Define Your Objectives: It’s impossible to conduct a successful video marketing campaign without first defining success metrics. Whether your aim is increasing page views, boosting subscriber counts or increasing sales conversions, before plotting promotional activities, identify key performance indicators. Granted, without including measurable calls to action (e.g. providing promotional codes for purchase savings you can track) or inviting direct customer feedback (submit designs for our new logo!), it may be difficult to map viewership to actual consumer response. However, by generating audience empathy, establishing employees’ subject matter expertise, or prompting heightened chatter around a brand right as you begin taking product preorders, results can still be marked. To succeed here, understand where you wish to affect change then monitor results religiously to gauge whether clips move the needle.

Plan Ahead: Before filming, pick one to three key message points you wish to convey, and choose a unique structural angle and concept (news brief, behind-the-scenes look, comedic skit, etc.) through which to present them. When taping, begin videos by summarizing sound bites in a catchy, but simple elevator pitch that immediately differentiates both your personality and approach — you’ve got 10 seconds or less to make an impression. Revisit core talking points throughout the video, using supporting b-roll and animations to reinforce commentary or expand on key discussion topics, which should max out at two to three minutes in length. Then close by reiterating your desired takeaway coupled with an immediate call to action, i.e. visiting your website or liking your Facebook page to enter a contest. Prior to posting, solicit feedback from objective observers to determine how well your message resonates, if learning transfers, and whether your efforts prompt the desired outcome.

Market and Promote Each Clip: No matter how well-crafted videos are, audiences won’t always come. With thousands of new clips competing for attention daily, discovery is paramount. To improve chances of connecting, build videos in the form of branded series, one-off specials, or unique programs that can be promoted as unique and remarkable content pieces. (New show “Take This Job and Love It!” sounds more compelling than a homemade video on “Conducting an Online Job Search,” even if the difference is simply a five-second intro bumper.) Incorporate taped appearances by notable personalities, companies and brands where possible too; most are happy to participate for exposure, and can drive awareness by sharing with their own followings. Then support efforts with blog posts, press releases, social media mentions and outreach to influential critics, websites and community members.

Don’t Employ a Shotgun Strategy: It’s tempting to shotgun content to YouTube and other mass distributors — but it’s also easy for it to be lost in the shuffle. While videos should eventually migrate to aggregators, start by premiering the best content, at least for a limited time, on your own website. This trains viewers where and how often to visit your desired destination, creates a running stream of traffic (and reason to regularly visit), and lets you place external calls to action (click here to purchase!) nearby. All creations should be made embeddable for easy sharing via blogs and social media. But it’s ill-advised to ignore the value of promoting your own vehicles, thereby sacrificing SEO benefits, introducing more hurdles between viewers and desired actions, and ultimately creating excuses for them to avoid your site.

90% of Corporate Video Productions FAILS!

Choosing A Video Production Company

Puerto Vallarta Riviera Nayarit Marketing Agency Tourism Hotel Strategy Video Production Consultant

Marketing Agency Tourism Hotel Video Production Consultant

Do you play with Strategy or Marketing?

90% of Corporate Video Productions FAILS!

How can we help?

Those viewing video are more likely to book then those who do not. Video viewing influences buying behavior.

Video Photo Production Puerto Vallarta Riviera Nayarit, Mexico

Who is your target audience?
What buyer persona are you targeting? This may be a segment of your destination typical traveler persona.

What is the goal?
Increase brand awareness? Sell more event a new product? Ultimately, what do you want your audience to do after watching the video?

Where is the video going to be used?
Behind a landing page form? Re-purposing videos for other channels is great, but you should begin with one target location in mind where you know your audience will discover the video.

When is the due date?
What is the timeline. A video you have a few months to work on will have very a different budget and creative scope than a video someone needed yesterday.

What is the budget?
Simply put, video can be expensive. Do your research and set realistic parameters, especially before you dream too big on the next question.

What are the creative requirements?
Do you need a designer to create lower third graphics? Are you going to create an animated video or a live action video?

What will constitute success for the video?
Choose several key performance indicators that correspond with your video goals.

You have a Video project!? Here is the quote process:

Do you have a project concept guide line?
Do you have a script? (Storyboard)
Has there been a marketing research and objective to the project?
Where will this production be distributed? Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, E-mail, closed circuit, Television Broadcast? Other?
Each distribution medias require a different quality, file size, time restriction, format standard,….
How many version need to be produced?
What is the time line of delivery, review and final version(s)?
Is this project directed by your external marketing company or is it an internal marketing department?
Or will we be in change of developing a marking strategy and script?
Does the project requires Models? Will you be providing models?
Who will be in charge of the concept, planning, authorization, confirmation of this project?
Who will be approving the final project or review or decide making changes?
Who will be in charge of approving budget over run ((Usually due to the clients unpreparedness. 99%)
Who will be approving changes to the budget if there are changes to the script and content?

Have you contracted other projects with the same objective? Results?
Do you believe your budget can achieve your objectives set from the above?

We are a cooperative of highly experienced talents and not just out of University.
The team is based on the size and needs of projects.
We have a very low overhead. So, that makes us very competitive.

No one can resist a good video, a good sale, offer a valuable seasonal sale or a gift certificate.

You can have the greatest tourism video, but if no-one sees it, it may as well be a book collecting dust on the mantel piece.

Social Media Strategy plans help to get a destination into the public eye.

The elements that need to be considered when establishing a successful tourism destination.

Developing a Tourism Travel Video Content Strategy.
What kind of information will you give? What style of videos will you be creating?
Storytelling. Storytelling. Storytelling.
Do use a Methodology, Strategy or just pull it from the Hat?
Where will your video content be seen?
Who will be overseeing video content creation?
Remember video production can take time.
Get an idea of rough costs.
Your video’s performance and any metrics that are important to your goals.
Total number of viewers, new clients of direct leads.


High Quality Video Photo Production Puerto Vallarta Riviera Nayarit Mexico

We offer a full video production service designed to beat your competitors, including: Full video service from pre-production to image acquisition to studio post production.

Video Photo Production Puerto Vallarta – Riviera Nayarit

MARKET RESEARCH (methodology)



Emotionally charged, creative video can be spread on the Internet in a matter of days, getting millions of views.

Do you Play Chess with a Strategy or a Marketing plan?

How can we help?

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